I’m a sucker for aesthetics. I adore original artwork, contemporary designs and modern flair. Sadly when you’re renting there’s only but so much you can do to bring these things into your home. Then there are sites like zestt that offer products that are not only original but appealing as well. Like the Cork Wedge Beverage Dispenser.

zestt product review

This dispenser was such a wonderful addition to my kitchen. Right now I have it filled with water but think it would be perfect for some party punch. It’s easy enough to fill it with the wide opening in the top. The cork stopper on top is super cute too.

zestt product review

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got the beverage dispenser. I was kind of expecting it to leak or drip but I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t.  It seals perfectly and there’s absolutely nothing coming out when the spout is off.

I love the silver plating on the spout. It brings something special to the aesthetics of the room and the fact that it’s functional is even better. zestt product review

Something that I’ve been contemplating with this is using it as an aquarium. The opening in the top is big enough to fit tank accessories and I think it would look awesome. It would definitely be a conversation starter and what fish wouldn’t love being in there?!

zestt has some incredibly great one of a kind items. I can picture these things in my home and designing my home around. They offer a wide array of items from storage and organization to dinnerware, bedding and rugs. They also have gorgeous wall decor and fantastic gift ideas.

The best thing about zestt is whatever you get you’re sure to wow your friends and family. Chances are no one else will have what you have. Go ahead and check them out and let me know what your favorites are!

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