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I have  a thing for the beach. I grew up spending my summers splashing in the ocean and digging in the sand. Some of my best memories were made on Assateague Island. I still love going to the beach and put a lot of thought into what I take with me. I have a to-go bag in the laundry room of all my beach essentials. One of the key ingredients in my must have beach essentials bag is 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

Here’s what my beach bag looks like:

Beach Bag Essentials #ThisIsMySecret #CollectiveBias

In my beach bag we have:

Bottled water, sunglasses, sunblock, Aleve, 5-hour ENERGY® shots, SPF Lip Balm, Leave-In Conditioner, burn relief spray, a change of clothes and lotion.

Bottled water is a given. You can’t go to the beach and not stay hydrated. Between the sun and the salt water you’re dehydrating every minute you’re at the beach! Making sure to have bottled water is vital to a great beach day as well as your health.

Sunglasses, SPF Lip Balm and Sun Block are all effective ways to protect from harmful UV exposure. Keep ’em on and enjoy your fun in the sun.

Aleve and lotion sound like a strange combination, but if you happen to get burned they are a blessing. Burn relief spray is also a must have beach essential – you never know!

The Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for hydrating your hair after salty sun damage.

You’ll want a change of clothes so you’re not bringing the beach home with you!


I hate missing out on potential fun when I’m out and about. 5-hour ENERGY® is my secret to keeping up with my more active/energetic friends – especially at the beach.I find it especially comes in handy for beach volleyball. Most importantly though, 5-hour ENERGY® wakes me up and gives me the energy I need to get stuff done. It also fits anywhere without compromising space!


How often do you wake up groggy, disoriented and just generally lost (when you weren’t drinking the night before?) I’m not a morning person. I hate the morning time – bright light, bright light it burns, it burns! I have no get up and go so on days like those when we get up early to go to the beach (which is an hour away) I need to wake up. That’s what I get with 5-hour ENERGY®. I’m full of energy at least until the sun goes down!

5-hour ENERGY®

I love all the B-vitamins in 5-hour ENERGY®. When I was getting my B-12 shots they called it “boost juice” because essentially, that’s what B-vitamins do – help with energy. 5-hour ENERGY® also has some essential nutrients as well as amino acids. Not too shabby! Especially when you consider there’s no sugar, carbs or herbal stimulants inside. Did I mention there are only 4 calories in each 5-hour ENERGY® shot.

What is in your beach bag?

You can find 5-hour ENERGY® at Walgreens in the diet/weight management section. You can also connect with 5-Hour ENERGY® on Facebook and Twitter.

#ThisIsMySecret #CollectiveBias