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It’s official, we are officially embracing the winter season, snow and all (if you live in the Northeast like me!). However, this gloomy weather doesn’t mean our outfits have to be gloomy too! There a number of outfits to wear which are unique to these months. You can choose to play it safe and wrap up with bomber jackets or parkas – but the fact is, there are fewer outfits better than the sweater and skirt combination. The reason for the popularity of pairing sweaters and skirts is because it’s so hassle-free!

The versatility of this type of outfit allows for dressing up or down for any occasion. It’s the perfect solution for when we’re stuck with the predicament of not being able to decide if we’re too hot or too cold. The big trend this time around with a lot of the combinations has been clashing patterns. The idea is to have similar tonal shades between the sweater and skirt. These following picks will help in choosing the best and trendiest sweater and skirt combo for you this winter.

1. Red and Tube

Red and Tube | Trendy Sweater and Skirt Combos | www.simplebeautifullife.net

This plain red sweater and chequered tube skirt from Zara is a fantastic choice if you want a skirt and sweater that’ll ensure warmth whilst still looking classy. The red sweater has a slit running down the side and this flows perfectly into the skirt which has side snaps running down the left leg. Wear with a pair of heeled ankle boots and a small cross body bag and the outfit will be complete!

2. Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet | Trendy Sweater and Skirt Combos | www.simplebeautifullife.netShort and Sweet | The Best Sweater and Skirt Combos | www.simplebeautifullife.net

For milder fall/winter days this combination from Good for Nothing and H&M is a wonderful choice. The cropped sand sweater along with the short grey elasticated skirt with pockets is a great choice when you want a nice casual combination to wear. To finish off the outfit you can choose to go for a pair of black leggings underneath and a pair of canvas trainers.

3. Print It Up

Print It Up | Trendy Sweater and Skirt Combos | www.simplebeautifullife.net

As mentioned, the print clash is a big look for a sweater and skirt combo – and this collection from Net-A-Porter is really one of the best combination you can choose. The dark tones along with the bold black stripes, stars on the vest and windowpane patterns come together to make the perfect winter outfit. To finish the outfit off, go for a pair of black heeled ankle high boots.

4. Satin and Wool

Satin and Wool | Trendy Sweater and Skirt Combos | www.simplebeautifullife.net

A great way to get creative with your sweater and skirt combination is to mix it up with materials that are used. Sometimes doing this with your clothing can create an unwanted clash – however, with this cream lace-up sweater from Zara and the soft bronze satin skirt from Vince it creates a combination that flow into each other perfectly. You can choose to complete the outfit by going with a white clutch bag and once again, a pair of ankle high suede brown boots to keep the materials fresh.

If these sweater and skirt combos ideas helped you out, I’d love to know! Leave a comment below and make sure to share it with your friends!