I’m a tuna fan. Well, I’m a tuna in a can fan. It’s so easy and convenient that not having it on hand isn’t an option. Tuna in a jar however was a completely new, didn’t see that coming concept.

Who puts tuna in a jar?!

Tonnino does! And they have a pretty good reason for doing so: It’s amazing!


I stepped outside of my comfort zone with this product review (product was provided for the purpose of this post) as I had no idea what to expect. All I could think of was sardines. Or anchovies. Both of which give me the heebie-jeebies by the way. I’m not overly fond of fish in general. I love seafood, just not fish.

Tuna happens to be one of the (maybe) four fish types I can eat and enjoy. I like tuna fish sandwiches (you know the canned stuff with mayo), tuna steak, and spicy tuna rolls. Sadly that was the extent of my tuna experience. I really didn’t think there was much else to do with it.

Can you think of more?

Apparently there are many, many creative ways to use tuna and you can find some scrumptious recipes on the Tonnino’s website.

Tuna Ventresca

Each 6.7 ounce Tonnino jar is hand packed with wild caught (dolphin-safe) yellowfin tuna. As you may know, yellowfin tuna is rich in Omega-3s with low mercury levels. It doesn’t stop there though – there are several varieties to choose from with varying flavors. Flavors like Jalapeno, Oregano, Lemon Pepper and Garlic.

The Tuna Ventresca seems to be the holy grail of Tonnino tuna having been hand filleted from a small section of the tuna’s underbelly. While most of the tuna is packed in oil, there is a spring water option.

Tuna Fillets with Oregano and Olive Oil

If you have never had gourmet tuna then you are truly missing out. You can use these in salads, pasta dishes, or eat them on their own. They are incredibly fresh and the taste is out of this world phenomenal. I’m so happy to have been introduced and definitely plan on kicking the canned tuna out to make room for these!

You can find Tonnino online or in a store near you for under $10.