We recently received several additions to our Thirsty Thursday arsenal; among them were the incredibly awesome Piehole Whiskey. Each flavor (Cherry, Apple, and Pecan Pies) is spot on in flavor comparison to its pie counterpart. I have never tasted anything like them and would be lying if I said I wasn’t blown away. We did a taste testing of each flavor and the opinion was unanimous – WINNER!Piehole

Inspired by Grandma’s favorite pie recipes, this new-to-world product line features pie liqueur flavored whiskeys aged between four to eight years and bottled in Canada.

The bottles are insanely cute with antiquified pin-up girls donning the labels. Each pie flavored whiskey has its own pin-up girl. Is it bad that I’m just as excited about the bottles as what’s inside?

This week for Thirsty Thursday I wanted to keep it simple. A two ingredient drink that is scary good. We simply mixed cola with the Cherry Pie Piehole Whiskey. It tastes like Cherry Soda but better. The cherry flavor definitely shines through without the overwhelming alcohol taste that is present with many whiskeys. That can make this a very dangerous combination so be sure to drink responsibly!

Thirsty Thursday: Piehole Cherry Pie ColaSo, creating this drink is super simple. First fill a glass with ice (you want the ice to prevent the drink from being overly sweet.) Fill 2/3 full with your preferred cola and mix in 1 shot of Cherry Pie Piehole Whiskey. I just use a spoon to stir it up well and serve. You can garnish with a cherry or just drink it plain – the point is the drink is delicious and despite the lack of alcohol flavor, pretty potent. Piehole Whiskey is 70 proof/35% Alcohol by Volume!

Be sure to join us for next weeks Thirsty Thursday when we’ll be taking on the Pecan Pie Piehole Whiskey to see what we can come up with to wow the tastebuds. Happy drinking!