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When it comes to buying diamonds, you want to be certain that you’re actually getting what you’re paying for. There are a lot of diamond imitations out there that surprisingly look like the real thing, so you need to take steps to ensure a diamond is real and pure before you purchase it. Check out the helpful tips below so you can do just that the next time you’re shopping for these precious stones.

Work with a Reputable Jeweler

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One of the most important things that you have to do if you wish to purchase the purest diamonds is work with a reputable jeweler who’s known for selling the highest quality gemstones. Ascot Diamonds is a great example of a company with a long-standing positive reputation. This will ensure that you’ll get a real, pure diamond and that you’ll be paying the right price.

Get to Know the Clarity of a Diamond

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Clarity will vary from one diamond to the next, but if a diamond is real, it should have documentation that lets you know what the clarity is.

Put simply, diamond clarity is rated on a scale from F to I. The clearer a diamond is, the more it will cost and the purer it will be because clarity refers to both external and internal imperfections, as well as how clear the stone really is.

  • FL stands for flawless, while IF stands for internally flawless. Both of these signal that the diamond is perfect.
  • I-1, 1-2, and I-3 all signal that the stone isn’t perfect, but I-3 is the worst of the three.
  • VVS1 and VVS2 will indicate that the diamond is very, very slightly imperfect. VS1 and VS2, on the other hand, means the stone is very slightly imperfect.
  • Finally, SI-1 and SI-2 will indicate that your stone is slightly imperfect.

Determine if the Diamond is Real

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If you are thinking about buying a diamond, there are some steps that you can take to determine if a stone is a legitimate diamond.

For example, take a loose diamond and place it on top of some newspaper print. If you’re unable to read the print through the stone, it’s real, but if you can see the print through the stone, it is likely fake.

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You can also try out what is called the fog test. Breathe on a stone until it fogs up. A real diamond will become clear again right away, while a fake one will take longer to clear.

Most importantly, though, asking the jeweler for a certificate that has been issued from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Society of Appraisers will provide you with the proof you need to know that a diamond is pure.

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These are just a few of the ways that you can ascertain if a diamond is the real thing or fake, as well as determine just how pure it really is, so use these tips the next time you’re shopping for diamond jewelry! Let me know if these tips helped you pick the perfect diamond 😍