I recently had the absolute, most awesometastic opportunity to conduct a phone interview with an awesome lady. You may know her from the internet or her cooking show, Bitchin’ Kitchen. I’m talking about none other than Nadia G. Words cannot express how much I love this chick and what an inspiration she has been for me. All of this played a factor in my lack of oomph in my interview.

Nadia G Once Upon a Vine

I was so excited at the thought of speaking with her that I totally spaced on coming up with interview questions. Then while talking to her my computer crashed taking everything I was typing with it. Before I saved it.

Thankfully my memory was working that day so I’m pretty sure I remember the gist of what was said. The first thing I brought up was Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday so I wanted to see what she thought of it. Turns out Nadia loves Halloween too; mainly for the non-traditional celebrations. She likes the celebration of gore and the creepy factor that makes it not so vanilla. I can only imagine partying with her on October 31st!

We talked about some fun ideas for celebrating which included food and drinks. Be sure to check out the recipes Nadia G has been working on.

Nadia G's Witches Brew with Severed Hand

One of the celebratory creations I’ll definitely be trying is her suggestion of a Severed Hand in a Witches Brew cocktail punch. It’s actually very simple to make, start by filling a surgical glove with water or a complimentary juice and freezing. Once it’s frozen you can remove the glove for a hand ice sculpture. Place the hand in a punch bowl filled with Witches Brew and you’ve got a spooky treat to wow your guests.

The Witches Brew has all the elements of a good drink: sweet, savory, interesting. Here’s the recipe for the Witches Brew, courtesy of Nadia G. and Once Upon a Vine.


On the topic of wine, I mentioned I’m not the biggest fan. She reassured me that with a little creativity even those non-wine lovers would appreciate the offerings from Once Upon a Vine. The subject of peach and pear nectar came up a bit and it sounds like a delicious experiment for Once Upon a Vine’s different wines. I’m definitely excited to try some new concoctions now!Nadia G. and Once Upon a Vine

Nadia is a big wine drinker; she loves delicious wine – maybe it’s her Italian roots?! Her favorite is Chardonnay since she is predominately a white wine drinker. She did suggest a few for me to try like the Zinfandel and Cabaret Sauvignon.

There are tons of Once Upon a Once Upon a Vine drink recipes on the The Wine Bar website that you must check out. You’ll find Once Upon a Vine so be sure to pick up a few bottles and some peach and pear nectar to create your own wine based cocktails!

Catch Nadia G. on her website, Bitchin for tons of great recipes, funny videos and as much Nadia as you can handle before becoming overcome with giddiness over how awesome she is.


*Images & Recipes courtesy of Once Upon a Vine & Nadia G.