Explore Sedona for Unparalleled Adventure

A Typical Vacation Exploring Sedona Offers An Unparalleled Adventure

That’s what this e-mail I received promises. What do you think? Do I have any Sedona fans that can share their thoughts?

Horseback Riding, Wilderness Exploration, Wine and Fine Dining Await Eager Visitors

Sedona occupies a slender stretch of residential and populated areas, surrounded by national forest land and sprinkled with destinations begging to be explored. Each visit to Sedona offers a unique experience with its staple stunning red-rock landscape always serving as a backdrop. With this in mind, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau offers this fun-filled escapade for city enthusiasts, complete with horseback riding, vineyard-hopping and exceptional cuisine.


Guests can begin their morning bright and early with a trip to Safari Jeep Tours. Embarking on the exciting Outlaw Jeep Tour & Horseback Ride, terrain-goers can enjoy a scenic jaunt through the western canyons and crimson mountains reminiscent of historic cowboy times. While riding horseback through Page Springs, tour participants can breathe in the natural atmosphere of the wilderness, complete with a stop along the creek to taste Sedona’s refreshing artesian water.


However, while in Page Springs, it is imperative to stop by the multiple vineyards and wine tasting rooms in the area. Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery is located minutes outside Sedona in a small historic valley named Page Springs near Oak Creek. The winery, vineyard and home rest on the slopes of a volcanic mountain overlooking the lush greenbelt and Audubon Bird Sanctuary. Oak Creek Vineyards & Winery is open daily and offers guests tastings and glasses of wine on its picturesque outdoor patio––perfect for that unforgettable vacation photo-op. Lastly, Page Springs Cellars offers a world-class operation specializing in delicious and complex Rhone Style wines. Its tasting room and vineyard are open daily from and offers such a beloved wine collection, that they ship to members across the country.

Sedona Arizona

When all visitors have had their fill of wine, they can saddle up and head back to town just in time for dinner at one of the participating Sedona Restaurant Week destinations. Sedona Restaurant Week is a semi-annual event where guests and residents can experience a three-course pre-fixe style menu with dishes from some of the most renowned spots in the city. These options and more offer foodies a chance to sample the varied mouth-watering cuisine of Sedona, without breaking the bank.


  • For those seeking the finest Mexican food and tequila choice amid outdoor patios and stunning views, Taos Cantina offers an easy choice for dining.
  • For a more casual atmosphere with artisan cuisine, guests can venture to the Table at Junipine. The restaurant offers locally sourced food and craft beer on tap.
  • For a restaurant that offers top quality live entertainment and hilltop views of the city, visitors can try Sound Bites Grill. This modern-day supper club offers late night dining and dancing, a perfect way to round out the evening and day for friends and family alike.

Sedona Arizona

To maximize time spent in Sedona, the city suggests seeking the help of local guides and tour groups to truly get a sense of the city’s magic. To learn about what to explore in Sedona, go to visitsedona.com or view their Press Kit.

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review

Now that Tess is gone (she moved back home, sadface) there’s not as much wine drinking going on in the house. That’s not to say there isn’t other alcohol consumption happening or that the occasional cork being popped. Instead of having bottles scared in the fridge and countertops I can now store them in the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. I received the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler for review so now I’m going to tell you more about it.

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Features

  • The cooler is 19.00″ tall, 19.50″ wide, 14.00″ long, and it weighs 26 pounds
  • It has three slide-out shelves that hold 12 bottles of wine
  • It uses single zone, thermoelectric cooling which makes it silent
  • There is an illuminating interior LED light (blue)
  • Built-in digital temperature control

What I Like

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review
Aside from the functionality, my favorite feature is the illuminating interior LED light. It’s a gorgeous blue color that bounces off the metal inside to create a wonderful effect.  I love using it as a nightlight and making sure the light is on when I have company.

I also appreciate the size of the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. It’s big enough to hold an ample number of bottles (12) while still being able to sit on a counter top or table. I actually turned my island into a beverage bar because of this.

I’m absolutely loving the luxurious design of the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. It brings flair into any room and is a great conversation starter. Everyone who goes into my kitchen now comments on the wine cooler.NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review

A huge bonus is that this is not specific to wine. Sure, it is a wine cooler but I have been putting other bottles inside and it works wonders. It really helps to have my alcohol at the perfect temperature without having to crowd the refrigerator.

What I Don’t Like

There is absolutely nothing I don’t like about the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. It’s quiet, it’s attractive and it’s affordable. It can hold most bottles that are up to 750ml and the bottom rack is removable for thicker bottles.

Final Thoughts

I think the fact that I cannot find anything negative to mention speaks for itself. I’m absolutely in love. I really like showing it off when people come over! I’m storing my liquors, wine and coffee creamer in the wine cooler and still have room to grow my collection. It really is a well rounded product since it’s not specific to holding wine bottles.

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review

The fact that it is whisper quiet really puts a smile on my face. I also really like the digital display; it’s great for knowing exactly what temperature the beverages will be. Being able to easily set the temperature is a great bonus as well.

If you are looking for a beverage cooling solution then definitely check out the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. The wine cooler is under $200 which is a great bargain in my opinion.

Connect with NewAir

You can connect with NewAir via the links below.

Talking Food, Drinks, & Halloween with Nadia G.

I recently had the absolute, most awesometastic opportunity to conduct a phone interview with an awesome lady. You may know her from the internet or her cooking show, Bitchin’ Kitchen. I’m talking about none other than Nadia G. Words cannot express how much I love this chick and what an inspiration she has been for me. All of this played a factor in my lack of oomph in my interview.

Nadia G Once Upon a Vine

I was so excited at the thought of speaking with her that I totally spaced on coming up with interview questions. Then while talking to her my computer crashed taking everything I was typing with it. Before I saved it.

Thankfully my memory was working that day so I’m pretty sure I remember the gist of what was said. The first thing I brought up was Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday so I wanted to see what she thought of it. Turns out Nadia loves Halloween too; mainly for the non-traditional celebrations. She likes the celebration of gore and the creepy factor that makes it not so vanilla. I can only imagine partying with her on October 31st!

We talked about some fun ideas for celebrating which included food and drinks. Be sure to check out the recipes Nadia G has been working on.

Nadia G's Witches Brew with Severed Hand

One of the celebratory creations I’ll definitely be trying is her suggestion of a Severed Hand in a Witches Brew cocktail punch. It’s actually very simple to make, start by filling a surgical glove with water or a complimentary juice and freezing. Once it’s frozen you can remove the glove for a hand ice sculpture. Place the hand in a punch bowl filled with Witches Brew and you’ve got a spooky treat to wow your guests.

The Witches Brew has all the elements of a good drink: sweet, savory, interesting. Here’s the recipe for the Witches Brew, courtesy of Nadia G. and Once Upon a Vine.


On the topic of wine, I mentioned I’m not the biggest fan. She reassured me that with a little creativity even those non-wine lovers would appreciate the offerings from Once Upon a Vine. The subject of peach and pear nectar came up a bit and it sounds like a delicious experiment for Once Upon a Vine’s different wines. I’m definitely excited to try some new concoctions now!Nadia G. and Once Upon a Vine

Nadia is a big wine drinker; she loves delicious wine – maybe it’s her Italian roots?! Her favorite is Chardonnay since she is predominately a white wine drinker. She did suggest a few for me to try like the Zinfandel and Cabaret Sauvignon.

There are tons of Once Upon a Once Upon a Vine drink recipes on the The Wine Bar website that you must check out. You’ll find Once Upon a Vine so be sure to pick up a few bottles and some peach and pear nectar to create your own wine based cocktails!

Catch Nadia G. on her website, Bitchin for tons of great recipes, funny videos and as much Nadia as you can handle before becoming overcome with giddiness over how awesome she is.


*Images & Recipes courtesy of Once Upon a Vine & Nadia G.




It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere! Soleil Mimosa Review

Have you ever wanted a legit reason to day drink? I think we’ve all had days, especially Mondays, where we just want to pretend it’s 5:00 even if the clock is saying it’s before noon. For days like these I highly recommend having brunch and serving Mimosa.

Soleil Mimosa Review

What is a Mimosa?

A mimosa is, traditionally, champagne or sparkling wine mixed with chilled fruit juice (like OJ). In other words – a delicious adult beverage that is perfectly acceptable for pre-evening indulging.

In other words – a mimosa is a perfectly legit excuse to day drink. Yay!

Soleil Mimosa

To make things simple and enjoyable Soleil has prepackaged their Mimosa in ready to serve containers; bottles and cans! No more trying to figure out proper proportions; they’ve done the hard work for you. Simply pour and serve! What’s even better is they offer several delicious flavors for even more fun.

Soleil Mimosa Flavors

  • Classic Mimosa – Sparkling Brut with fresh orange juice.  Also available in 6 oz. cans
  • Mango – Sparkling Brut with fresh Peruvian Mango juice
  • Pineapple – Sparkling Brut with fresh pineapple juice
  • Pomegranate – Sparkling Brut with fresh pomegranate juice

Soleil Mimosa mini

What I love most about Soleil Mimosa is, well, the flavor. You can barely taste the alcohol which is a biggy for me. I’m not big on the taste of alcohol so when it’s disguised so well I’m a fan. In fact all of my friends are fans as well. I’ve become very popular since Soleil came into my life and home. People just stop by randomly asking if I’m having brunch – with Mimosa. I guess part of me should be offended, but really who could blame them?!

Where can you find Soleil Mimosa?

You can buy Soleil Momosa online as well as at many national retailers. Click here to find a location near you.

You may also connect with Soleil on Facebook for great pairing tips and more: https://www.facebook.com/SoleilMimosa

HandCraft Wines Review

When it comes down to which companies I choose to support I tend to lean towards those that have a positive social cause; or causes. In this instance it’s HandCraft Wines. Not only do they provide an excellent selection of wines with wonderful bouquets, but they also do their part to make a difference.

Right now they have a sweepstakes going on that not only allows you to pay it forward, but supports a cause near and dear to so many – breast cancer research, prevention and awareness. Click the picture below to be taken to the sweepstakes for your chance to win a $250 Fundraising Donation.

HandCraft Wines

When a company shows generosity and good moral values I’m on board, and that is exactly what HandCraft Wines does. Learn more about the HandCraft Heroes initiative here.

HandCraft Wines Artisan Collection come in 6 varietals:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Petite Syrah
  • Inspiration Red
  • Inspiration White

HandCraft Wines Review

The Petite Sirah is my ultimate favorite while Tess prefers the Chardonnay. Each has the delicate appeal of lavish grapes and a crisp body. The Petite Sirah is actually a blend of 82% Petite Sirah, 7% Petit Verdot, 5% Sangiovese, 3% Syrah, and 3% Zinfandel.

Some mighty fine components indeed!

The Chardonnay is perfectly balanced; not to sweet, not too tart. You can definitely pick out the peach and citrus tones in the wine. I really liked that it wasn’t a dry Chardonnay which leaves a less than desirable taste in my mouth.

HandCraft Wines

When I’m invited as a guest to someone’s dinner or cocktail party I’m always at a loss for what to bring. I think HandCraft wines would be a great hostess gift! They’re extremely affordable and yet they are not cheap wine. 

You all know what I mean by that!

HandCraft wine tastes expensive unlike cheap wine that regret paying $3.99 for. I’m highly impressed by the quality of these wines and know I’ll be indulging more in the future.

HandCraft Wines Reviews

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my experience with HandCraft Wines. If  you have any questions please ask and be sure to connect with HandCraft on their social media channels below.

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