Thirsty Thursday: Apple Pie a la Mode Shots

Thirsty Thursday: Apple Pie a la Mode Shots

Did the a la mode part of the title make you think I’m crazy? It’s not what you think, I promise! I’m not taking shots of ice cream, I’m taking shots of Apple Pie Piehole Whiskey, hazelnut liqueur, and heavy cream. That is what makes up the Apple Pie a la Mode shots – there is no ice cream involved but the flavor is – woohoo – awesome.

Apple Pie a la Mode Shots with  Apple Pie Piehole WhiskeyI told you about Piehole Whiskey (they sent us cool stuff for editorial consideration) a couple Thursdays ago when I shared the Cherry Pie Cola drinks we were downing testing. This week we are experimenting with the Apple Pie Piehole Whiskey and what’s the first thing you think of when you hear apple pie? Well, for me it’s America. You know, you’ll hear Bratwurst and think of Germany, Soda Bread – Ireland, Pizza – New York (or Chicago… if you’re weird.) Apple Pie makes me think of America – George Washington – and vanilla ice cream.

I don’t think I have ever eaten apple pie without vanilla ice cream. It’s like religion for me. It didn’t take me long – I’m talking seconds – to decide I wanted to make an apple pie a la mode shot. Even in the dead of winter I love it!

Here’s how I did it.

Fill the bottom of a tall shot glass 1/3 the way up with [cold] heavy cream.

Add a splash of hazelnut liqueur on top of that.

Fill the shot glass the rest of the way with Apple Pie Piehole Whiskey.

Drink straight down!!

Apple Pie Piehole Whiskey

I swear it’s the closest drinkable thing to apple pie a la mode. I had friends lining up for the apple pie a la mode shots and that’s what makes it this weeks Thirsty Thursday winner! Well, until next week (when we’re creating with PIEHOLE Pecan Pie Whiskey… oh my goodies y’all!

Thirsty Thursday Sweet Tart

Candy is awesome. You know it, I know it – Candy rocks! That’s why this week’s Thirsty Thursday addition is inspired by …drum roll pleasecandy! We received the Bulleit 10 Years Old for inspiration and this drink comes together perfectly. We could have went the traditional route with the whiskey – you know, mix it with coke or some other manly combination. I’m just so over whiskey being so masculine I thought it would be fun to girly it up a bit.

Bulleit Rye American Whiskey

I’m a fan of sweet drinks and I realize not everyone is so don’t worry not everything will be sweet, fruity, or girly; but this is 🙂

Thirsty Thursday Sweet and Tart

This drink is fairly simple to put together. There’s no cream based anything so curdling isn’t going to be an issue. We start by adding 1 shot of Bulleit Whiskey then 1/2 shot each of Peach Schnapps and Melon Liqueur. Next a shot of Grenadine and fill with orange or pineapple juice – it’s really a personal preference and I use a little of each.Thirsty Thursday Sweet and Tart

The final results are sweet with a slight tartness. The alcohol taste is undetectable so be sure to drink responsibly! Before you get started, here is a little more about Bulleit – head to your local ABC store and ask for it by name 🙂


Bulleit 10 Years Old

Bulleit 10 is the brand’s selected reserve, a limited edition from Founder, Tom Bulleit. A delicious bourbon that is consistently smooth, russet in color, rich with oaky aromas and hints of vanilla and dried fruit with a long smoky finish.

91.2 proof, Suggested Retail Price $44.99