8 Amazing Movies That Shouldn’t Be Missed

Movies have come a long way in the last 85 years, in many ways movies have affected the popular fads of each generation.  The first movie was made in the 1890’s with the invention of the first motion picture camera and the first cinema companies.  For over 30 years they were almost all under a minute long and had no sound until 1927.  Since then we have seen truly amazing things created on-screen, from grotesque other-worldly creatures to complete fantasy worlds created just for the movies.  From this massive pool of tens of thousands of movies I have pulled a list of 8 that I would swear by.  These movies are all great movies to me for some reason or another and who knows maybe you will like them too. Lets start the countdown…

8 Amazing Movies That Shouldn't Be Missed

8.  The Day After Tomorrow

Set in the 2000’s, the world is under attack.  The largest storm ever recorded is quickly freezing the world back into another ice age.  You follow the main character through New York as the people who survived the initial impact of the storm try to survive the cold.  Cold that can freeze human blood in mere moments.  It is a great plot that shows what may very well come of the world that we know.


7.  Interview With The Vampire

Follow the life and story of a several hundred year old vampire that decides to give his life’s story to an eager journalist.  Set in many times throughout history Louis as he is called, struggles through the darkness in a world where he is alone.  The only other creatures in this world of darkness are evil and even though Louis is one of them, he has retained his compassion for mortal people.  A wonderful movie and an excellent acting piece.  With rich costumes, incredible sets and a cast of now all-star actors.


6.  Underworld

Set in the modern age, the movie is about a war between lycans (werewolves) and vampires.  It follows Selene a 650 year old vampire death dealer ( a vampire that hunts lycans)  as she meets a man who has been bitten by the lycans but was not in any other way harmed. She and this man fight together against both the lycans that attacked him and the vampire coven to which Selene belongs to.  Visually stunning and an absolutely riveting storyline. All in all I would say that this is one of my favorite movies of all time, as well as the 3 other movies that have spawned from Underworld itself.  Underworld 2 Evolution, Underworld Rise of the Lycans, and Underworld Awakening.


5.  Resident Evil

Adopted to the big screen from the extremely popular game franchise from Capcom, Resident Evil has become as popular in the cinema world.  An evil super corporation called Umbrella accidentally releases a powerful virus called the T-virus.  The T-virus reanimates the dead cells of a dead person making them come back as a bloodthirsty zombie.  Alice the main character must fight her way into,  and then out of the secret underground facility that originally released the T-virus.  It is an excellent movie full of a ton of action and suspense.  Incredible costumes and makeup, combined with great CG make for an exciting thrill ride.  Resident Evil also has 4 sequels to it, and the final of the 6 will release this year.


4.  The Wizard of Oz

It is a classic, honestly everyone should have seen or at least heard of The Wizard of Oz.  The winner of many awards, some up to 65 years later, it is a movie that transcended the realm of its own time and has been popular with every generation since.  Dorothy, a young woman from Kansas is magically transported to a magical land called Oz.  In Oz, she meets witches, flying monkeys, a lion, a tin man, and even a scarecrow. It is a wonderful movie that doesn’t need much introducing, if you have not seen it, then you need to check it out.


3.  The Thirteenth Warrior

Ahmad Ibn Fadlan was a court poet to the ruler of Baghdad, until he was caught with the wife of a noble.  Exiled as the “Ambassador” to the northern barbarians, he is sent traveling with a group of them on a journey back to the north.  Along the way he learns much about himself and changes a bit throughout the movie.  He even helps the barbarians topple a terrible evil within the land.  All in all a great movie with the perfect ending.  Not a lot of special effects or CG, but they are not needed.  This one shines purely from the acting and the plot.


2.  The Princess Bride

A narrative story from a man to his sick grandson, who would rather play video games than listen to a dumb story from his old grandfather.  The boy is quickly sucked in as he hears about Wesley and Buttercup.  Wesley was a stable boy to Buttercups family, she often made him do things for her and commanded him around, but it was because she was in love with him that she did this.  Every  time she commanded him, he would reply, “As you wish” which really meant ‘I love you” for him.  So Wesley goes to seek his fortune so that they may marry, but along the way his ship is attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts and he is feared dead.  Meanwhile a prince has come to steal Buttercup away, only to have her kidnapped again, so that he may start a war with the neighboring country.  It’s truly an epic.  One of the great stories of our time I think.  With sword fights that will make your jaw drop, and even romance, giants, geniuses, and…torture.  The comedy is rich and the actors do well, it is one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy it too.


1.  Avatar

The creme de la creme, the masterpiece of modern cinema.  This 500 million dollar film is the highest grossing film in history, James Cameron worked on it for over 15 years because we did not have the technology to create it when he first thought of it.  Far from earth is a moon called Pandora that is very much like earth.  On this moon there is an abundance of the most precious substance in the universe, “Unobtainium”.  So as you can guess, the humans must have it when they find out that its there.

The problem is that the natives, the Na’Vi (human-like people who live together in tribes) love their home and do not wish to see it destroyed.  The company that comes to mine the Unobtainium has spliced together human DNA and Na’Vi DNA, to create Avatars.  Avatars are living and breathing bodies that human counterparts can drive around through a brain link.  Jake is a paraplegic marine whose twin was working on the project and passed away.  He is the only one who can use the Avatar that his brother left.  He joins the program and quickly surpasses all expectations by befriending the chief’s daughter.  Learning to be as they do Jake quickly loses himself in life with the “people” and eventually has to choose which side he is really on.

I believe that it is my favorite movie ever,  it is visually amazing, there are some truly beautiful sights  of Pandora will take your breath away.  The acting was great and the story itself is simply epic. Look forward to seeing James Cameron devastate the box office in upcoming years with the next 3 movies already being planned and shot.


So you see from my list what kind of movies I like.  There are many more that I could have put on the list, the problem is that this post could go on forever so I have to cut myself off.  I hope you have enjoyed my reviews on each movie and my synopsis of them as well.  What kind of movies do you like? I would love to hear some feedback on what you think of these movies or even other movies that I didn’t put on the list. Thanks for reading, have a good day.

New Year New Look – Creating a New You with Pur Minerals

Most of us make a resolution to change and/or improve something in the new year. It’s a tradition that I have followed for as long as I have been able to make my own decisions. My key resolution this year was to create a new me – one that is happy with how she looks and feels. Something I have been struggling with for a little while now is my skin – primarily the skin on my face. I use a ton of makeup to hide the redness and blotches but the makeup was starting to look cakey and pretty gross. That is when I made the switch to Pur Minerals.

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