The Ranch – Netflix First Impression

The Ranch – Netflix First Impression

When you think Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s Hyde and Kelso – from That 70’s Show. I had the urge to rewatch it and thanks to Netflix I did just that. I started binge watching (is there any other way to watch a TV show on Netflix?!) a few weeks ago and just finished it up. Not ready to turn it off just yet I followed their next recommended option which happened to be The Ranch starring Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher.

The Ranch - Netflix First Impression

Now, I’m not one to jump in blindly so I did a little Googling to see what the buzz was. Surprisingly there wasn’t much – you’d think with these two guys people would be all over it. Or maybe there aren’t as many of us as I’d like to think. Anyway, I didn’t actually read the few results I did find, I mainly looked through Google images. I saw Wilmer Valderrama (aka Fez whoknowswhathislastnameis} and that pretty much sealed it for me.

I’m actually watching the second episode now… well kind of. I guess that’s the first thing to point out. It doesn’t have my full, undivided attention. I am pausing here and there to see if it’s getting better. It does, but it has some yawn moments too, but we’ll get to that.

The Ranch Kutcher Masterson

Here’s the low down so far. You have Colt (Ashton) Bennett, a semi-pro football player who seems to be the disappointment of the family. He’s stubborn, immature, and a bit on the lazy side. Pretty much the Kelso you loved on That 70’s Show. He has (basically) the same voice/lack of accent as Kelso. That wouldn’t be a big deal if his brother, Rooster (Danny) Bennett, didn’t have a heck of a country twang intermittently. There are times where if you close your eyes he’s Steven Hyde and other times when he’s country as hell.

The fact that I JUST finished That 70s Show a few hours ago may have some influence on my analysis.

Rooster seems to be the black sheep of the family. The dumb one (which is new since Hyde was considerably smart). He also seems to be the one desperately trying to reunite his family. I have mixed feelings about this guy.

The Ranch - Netflix First Impression

Their dad is played by Sam Elliott (the grave keeper from Ghost Rider) and I want to like him but he’s not really loveable. He seems kind of emotionless most of the time, but there are a few rare moments where you can connect with him. I think my biggest issue with him is the overuse of the F-bomb. Don’t get confused, I curse like a sailor, but when he uses the F-bomb it seems overly forced and flat.

I kinda really love the bar scenes. They remind me of m favorite hometown bars and that helps me put myself in the scene and feel connected.

I’m still getting a feel for the story, but I really like Danny and Ashton together. They have a natural chemistry that makes them seem real as opposed to forced characters. At this point, I could take or leave the story but plan to keep watching because I love these guys and for an Independent, straight to Netflix show I’m entertained!

Is DC Making a Come Back? Marvel vs. DC – Who Rules the Screen

Is DC Making a Come Back? Marvel vs. DC – Who Rules the Screen

With the awesomeness of The Avengers and Spiderman movies Marvel seems to have the comic-based scene on lock-down. Or do they?

For the longest time DC has been focusing on 2 characters – Superman and Batman. With a {very} few exceptions the movies and TV shows based on these characters were just respun, over and over again. All this while Marvel inspired media is pouring out steadily. The Fantastic Four, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman (of course), X-Men…

Batman Superman Facts

all while DC’s over in the other corner with Superman and Batman on repeat like a Nick at Night marathon.

But times, they are a changing and it looks like for the better.

With a slew of hit TV shows and {sure to be} box office hits in the mix DC is making a strong comeback. But is it enough to make Marvel see DC as competition?

Marvel versus DC Universe

Here is some of what DC has going on now:

Arrow: Action filled CW drama with a gorgeous cast, great plot lines, and emotional twists and turns at every corner. CW
Flash: A lighter side of vigilantism with a slightly quirky cast, with the occasional Arrow crossover. CW
Gotham: A refreshingly new twist on one of our favorite comic book cities. These are pre-batman days (although little Bruce Wayne is a co-star) focusing more on the inner-workings of Jim Gordon. FOX
Supergirl: Another refreshingly new twist on one of the most well-known super heroes to date: Superman. While you won’t see the Man of Steel leap buildings in a single bound, his cousin Kara is keeping the family legacy alive. CW
iZombie: Yes – it’s DC based, I promise! You don’t have your typical superhero cameo with this show, however you can’t help but fall in love with the lovely, yet undead Liv. CW

There’s also Legends of Tomorrow and Lucifer, but I haven’t started on those yet.

Even bigger news still, and what I’m most excited about, is the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Your favorite DC villains joining together to ironically fight crime. Take a peek at the trailer and maybe you’ll understand why Harley Quinn is my idol!

What do you think, is DC on par with Marvel or will Marvel always win out?

Enjoy Family Night with MasterChef Junior® #MasterChefJunior

Enjoy Family Night with MasterChef Junior® #MasterChefJunior

I am a MasterChef Junior® Inspired Cooking Sets Blogger and was provided with the MasterChef Junior Cooking sets below. Opinions are my own

What do you get when you pair Master Chef Gordon Ramsey with a handful of incredibly talented youngsters?

MasterChef Junior!

MasterChef Junior

Much like other competitive cooking shows MasterChef Junior challenges pint-sized hone cooks to put their best meals forward. The contestants are all between the ages of 8 and 13 and are competing for $100,000 and the MasterChef Junior trophy.

This is a great show if you are looking for something to watch after dinner with the kids. Be ready to have them eager to help next time, even if it is just helping with prep work. Who knows, you could have the next MasterChef already!

The Junior Chefs surprise me each episode with their creativity and kitchen smarts. The show isn’t all challenge though, there is plenty of fun and entertainment too. It’s amazing to see Gordon Ramsey laughing and having fun; he’s wonderful with the kids as well!

Who woulda thunkit?

Another great idea for family night would be to actually let the kids prepare a meal. With you there to oversee and help when needed, of course. I think it is a wonderful way to instill responsibility and show them you trust them as well. There are MasterChef Junior cooking sets that can make this happen.

MasterChef Junior Cooking Inspired Sets

There is a Pizza Making Kit which includes a sauce ladle, wooden pizza board, personal pizza pan, pizza cutter and recipe cards. Everything is designed for kids ages 6+!

There is also the Cooking Essentials kit which is super incredible. It has all of this:

MasterChef Junior Cooking Inspired Sets

  1. Apron
  2. Cutting Board
  3. Mixing Bowl
  4. Measuring Cups
  5. Measuring Spoons
  6. Spatula
  7. Spoon
  8. Tongs
  9. Recipe Cards

and these are all made with kids in mind too. How awesome is it to give your mini chefs their own cooking set? I would have loved this when I was a kid, heck I love it now! You never know what cuisine an episode of MasterChef Junior will lead to and you don’t want to miss the show and not find out! Catch it on FOX at 8/7c.

MasterChef Junior

VeggieTales Comes to Life with New Plush Toys

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and DreamWorks, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #VeggieTalesfun

When I was a kid cartoons were silly and funny; nowhere near as risqué as they are today. I usually avoid turning the TV on because I’m scared of what’s on! The values of today don’t seem to stand up to those of years past and it’s kind of sad. Thankfully there are still some shows and movies that are appropriate for everyone.

VeggieTales Bob

VeggieTales is one of those shows where parents can leave the room and not have to worry about the language or content being suitable. Even better it’s a show that kids actually enjoy. I don’t know about you but around here it’s rare for parents and kids to like the same thing.

VeggieTales Bob at bedtime

It’s always fun when we listen to the kids sing along with their favorite VeggieTales songs. After a recent Walmart trip they can now play with their favorite characters too! Did you know Walmart has new, fun plus VeggieTales toys? As soon as the kids saw the display they were all over it. “Booooooob!” was heard throughout the entire store I’m sure.


It seems like there is a toy for nearly every show or movie out there so it’s only fitting that a brand as great as VeggieTales has the same. The toys come in small, medium, and large sizes and you can choose from Bob, Junior, Petunia, Larry, Sweetpea, and Laura.

VeggieTales Bob and cousin

Each of the VeggieTales toys is great for cuddling, playing, and being a wholesome companion. They are even good for encouraging kids to eat their veggies! Well, sometimes. They make the perfect companion for play time, nap time, and dinner time. They make road trips bearable and quiet time tolerable.

VeggieTales Bob Plush

Bob is the perfect size for travelling along with us in the car or any other means of travel. When we’re home he has his own little shelf in the toy room. That’s his “house” and so far the kids have been great about keeping him there when he’s not out enjoying life.
VeggieTales Bob Outside

VeggieTales helps teach lessons, instill values, and tells important biblical stories that are important for any faith-based home. It;s a show and a brand I love and appreciate and hope to keep in the kids lives. If you’d like to learn more about the VeggieTales line then be sure to connect with them on Facebook.

The Top Three Shows on TV (According to Amber)

I like to say I don’t watch too much television but the truth is I’m kind of addicted to a few shows. Addicted to the point where I go into withdrawals if I miss an episode. Can you relate to that? Here are my top three favorite shows on TV (in no particular order) and I’d love to know what yours are!

The Vampire Diaries – I know I said “in no particular order” just a few words ago, but this is my all-time favorite show. Ever. Hands down. At first I watched just to drool over Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). Then it progressed and I became a Delena fan – despite the overwhelming jealousy I felt for Elena (Nina Dobrev, who was/is dating Ian in real life.) I can re-watch some of my favorite scenes and still get chills. Like this one, which is my absolute favorite scene.

I started watching this show on accident (flipping through the channels because nothing was on) and had to immediately catch up via Netflix. It has everything you could want – comedy, romance, drama, violence. It’s not just a chick show or so I’ve been told.

Catch it on the CW – Thursdays at 8 | 7c

Hart of Dixie – This was another accidental find on Netflix. I was bored with everything else and had avoided it because it looked, well, drab. It took me a while to sit through the first episode, but once I did I was hooked. The love triangle between Zoe, Wade, and George Tucker had me hooked. Throw in the fact that George Tucker was engaged to Lemon and the drama just kept building.

Take a look at all the fun the actors have on set!

I did have a little tantrum where I refused to watch most of Season 3 at first. “Who is this guy?” was all I could think when Joel came to Bluebell. But I stuck with it and am so glad I did! If you haven’t seen the show I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it is a must watch if you like comedy/romance.

Catch it on the CW – Fridays at 8 | 7c

Revenge – Yet another show found on accident. I don’t remember why I avoided this show but as soon as I watched the first episode I was hooked. The plot is constantly thickening with this season/last season’s finale having the biggest twist. The show is set in The Hamptons and centers around Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) and her mission to take down the family that framed her father.

There is so much drama, so much fashion, and even some comedic relief. I’m constantly on the edge of my seat while I’m watching and wanting more when I’m not.

Catch it on ABC – Sundays at 10 | 9c

There are many more shows that I watch regularly, but these three are the ones that, if they ever ended, so would my life. It seems that way at least! What are your top three favorite TV shows?

These shows have something in common – they all air on public networks! That means I can enjoy them without having cable/satellite TV which is great because I hate those bills. Thanks to the people at Mohu Antennas (who sent us a sample for editorial consideration) I can enjoy HDTV without having those extra bills. 

Mohu Antennas (as low as $15.99) are eliminating cable bills (and ending lovers’ quarrels about the monthly cable budget) around the country by allowing people to watch their favorite television dramas, news, and more for FREE in HD with no monthly subscriptions (NYC gets over 40 channels and sub-channels!). This antenna is a sleek fixture that gives consumers unlimited access to major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX), which is a nice complement to other TV streaming devices—like Netflix or Apple TV–they may already own.

Mohu Antennas

Here in rural North Carolina we pick up several local stations with the Mohu Antenna. I can watch everything I want to watch without having to get up and adjust the antenna! It’s definitely something you should check out – who doesn’t love saving money?