VeggieTales Comes to Life with New Plush Toys

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When I was a kid cartoons were silly and funny; nowhere near as risqué as they are today. I usually avoid turning the TV on because I’m scared of what’s on! The values of today don’t seem to stand up to those of years past and it’s kind of sad. Thankfully there are still some shows and movies that are appropriate for everyone.

VeggieTales Bob

VeggieTales is one of those shows where parents can leave the room and not have to worry about the language or content being suitable. Even better it’s a show that kids actually enjoy. I don’t know about you but around here it’s rare for parents and kids to like the same thing.

VeggieTales Bob at bedtime

It’s always fun when we listen to the kids sing along with their favorite VeggieTales songs. After a recent Walmart trip they can now play with their favorite characters too! Did you know Walmart has new, fun plus VeggieTales toys? As soon as the kids saw the display they were all over it. “Booooooob!” was heard throughout the entire store I’m sure.


It seems like there is a toy for nearly every show or movie out there so it’s only fitting that a brand as great as VeggieTales has the same. The toys come in small, medium, and large sizes and you can choose from Bob, Junior, Petunia, Larry, Sweetpea, and Laura.

VeggieTales Bob and cousin

Each of the VeggieTales toys is great for cuddling, playing, and being a wholesome companion. They are even good for encouraging kids to eat their veggies! Well, sometimes. They make the perfect companion for play time, nap time, and dinner time. They make road trips bearable and quiet time tolerable.

VeggieTales Bob Plush

Bob is the perfect size for travelling along with us in the car or any other means of travel. When we’re home he has his own little shelf in the toy room. That’s his “house” and so far the kids have been great about keeping him there when he’s not out enjoying life.
VeggieTales Bob Outside

VeggieTales helps teach lessons, instill values, and tells important biblical stories that are important for any faith-based home. It;s a show and a brand I love and appreciate and hope to keep in the kids lives. If you’d like to learn more about the VeggieTales line then be sure to connect with them on Facebook.