Why I Ditched Cigarettes and Switched to blu PLUS+ e-Cigs

Why I Ditched Cigarettes and Switched to blu PLUS+ e-Cigs

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So, most of you know we recently moved from Chicago to Iowa. Things are definitely a lot different here, most things for the better. There are a few things that are going to take some getting use to, like the fact that no one in the building smokes. We didn’t realize that when we first moved in and we started out smoking inside like we always have.

blu PLUS+ eCigs

I like to consider that a wake-up call, but maybe not so welcomed. See, up until a couple of months ago I had switched from smoking to vaping. Then I lost my vaporizer and instead of getting a new one I bought a pack of cigarettes.

Since it’s about to get super hot outside I thought now would be a great time to get back into the vaping scene. This time, instead of getting a boxy, clunky vaporizer I opted for blu PLUS+. I have seen blu in convenience stores and even have a few friends that swear by them. I went to blucigs.com and took advantage of the blu PLUS+™ eCig Rechargeable Kit offer. I got all of this for less than the cost of a carton of cigarettes.

blu eCig

  • Slim, rechargeable pack
  • 1 blu PLUS+ wall charger
  • 1 blu PLUS+ USB cord
  • 2 rechargeable batteries (last twice as long as blu Rechargeable)
  • Batteries “quick-charge” in the pack
  • 3 Classic Tobacco blu Tanks™ (more than twice the capacity of blu flavor cartridges.)


Now I get to go out in public without wondering if I smell like an ashtray. Even better, since the shape and taste are so much like a real cigarette I get to kiss those smelly suckers goodbye without adding extra stress! The rechargeable case keeps my e-cigs where I know they’ll be and makes sure I always have an e-cig on hand.

blu PLUS+

I’m loving the convenience, and I am so glad I switched from cigarettes to blu PLUS+. This has been a great lifestyle change for me!

Updated blu screenshot

Home Interiors Done Right with Linly Designs

Home Interiors Done Right with Linly Designs

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I like to think that I am at least somewhat stylish, my clothes tend to match and my makeup is usually spot on. The questioning starts when I try to decorate my home. After trial and error I’ve realized that I am not that good when it comes to interior design. That’s something I’d love to be able to leave up to the experts. Linly Designs is an industry leader in Interior Design, and has an impressive history of growth and expansion. The company was established in 2002, offering elite interior design services.

Accessory Call

The Accessory Call is an exclusive service offered by Linly Designs. Designers deliver and place home decor, artwork, and florals to complete a client’s home to perfection. The client then has 24 hours to ‘live’ with their personalized design and decide which pieces they wish to keep. I really love that they give you time to get a feel for the new decor.

The service has received rave reviews which is encouraging. Here’s one client testimonial:

SIMPLY OUTSTANDING! These are truly the only words to describe the service we received from Linly Designs. We decided to update our living room and dining room and I contacted Linly Designs for an Accessory Call. I never thought it was possible that after 2 visits from Janet and her team that our home would look so beautiful. Janet has an excellent eye for design and she pays close attention to what you like so her recommendations meet your tastes. The product selection and the quality of the products is amazing for the prices. I have recommended Linly to all of my family and friends as I have never had such an excellent experience. We are still receiving compliments on the changes we have made to our home.

Linly Designs Accessory CallI always have so many ideas of what I want my home to look like, Linly Designs’ Accessory Call would be the perfect way for me to see how my ideas look in a real life setting. Right now, at my grandmothers, I bet they could do wonders with her nautical theme dream in her living room. She’s done a pretty good job so far, but there’s still a lot to be desired.

Linly Designs has a clear goal

The goal at Linly Designs is to create unique and personalized environments each and every time. We help our clients to express their own taste by creating spaces that reflect their lifestyle. Whether your home is old world style, traditional, contemporary or everything in between, with Linly Designs it is always warm, inviting, and comfortable.


Whether you are building or remodeling your home, looking for those perfect furniture pieces, or anything in between, Linly Designs will help you turn your design dreams into reality.

If you are looking for help getting your home to look exactly how you want then Linly Designs can help! You can call 630.769.5099 to schedule your accessory call today and be living in your updated home in no time. How exciting does that sound to you? I know it’s got me a little tingly.