SodaStream Source Review

UntitledAccording to a Gallup Poll, half of all Americans drink soda daily. These people are consuming an average of 2.6 glasses per day. Add it up and the cost of a soda habit gets rather expensive. With SodaStream you can cut a chunk of that cost and cut back on waste.

How often do you buy a 2 liter and about half of it goes flat? That was a common occurrence for me before SodaStream. Some people would say “Just give up soda” but I say no. It’s my vice and I enjoy carbonated beverages.SodaStream Source Review

Love them! 

I was beyond thrilled to try out the new SodaStream Source. If you’ve tried any of the previous SodaStream machines you may remember having to press the button repeatedly to add carbonation. With the SodaStream Source simply press down on the top and wait for the indicator light to reach the desired level of carbonation. I like that a LOT better than the previous SodaStream where you had to press and hear that spine chilling buzz.

Another difference in the Source and its predecessors is the snap-lock bottle function. Before you had to screw the bottle into place on the SodaStream whereas now all you need to do is tilt, place and snap it back into place. It makes things so much easier and quicker.

There are so many flavors available for the SodaStream. Kool-Aid, Ocean Spray, Country Time… I love carbonation and adding it to some favorite beverages really jazzes them up. Heck, there’s even a cosmopolitan mix out for the SodaStream now.

Cocktailers unite!

I am definitely loving the SodaStream Source. I’m especially enjoying mixing flavors together to create my own combinations. I’m not a fan of sparkling water so I leave those for guests, but Tropical Punch Kool-Aid with a splash of cola – delicious! I feel kind of like a mad scientist but it’s too fun to not do. What combinations do you think sound great?

I can, without hesitation, recommend the SodaStream Source to anyone who loves carbonated beverages. Carbonated Kool-Aid??? How can you resist?! Check out SodaStream, connect with them for great deals, and start making your own carbonated beverages today! You can find SodaStream dispensers in Walmarts, Targets, and other national retailers. You can also buy them online.

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