Bring the Sexy Back with Adore Me #GiftAdoreMe

Bring the Sexy Back with Adore Me #GiftAdoreMe

This post was sponsored by Adore Me as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Okay, so I have been riding the celibacy train for 6 months now, which means I am halfway through with my vow. It’s not at all a religious thing, just something I’m doing for myself. It’s me learning how to love myself and command respect so I don’t end up reliving my past few relationships. I know it has to sound crazy to some people, and sometimes I think it is crazy too. Choosing to give up on something I’m so used to for a whole year?! But then again, that’s why I’m giving it up. I have been chasing boys since I can remember.

Be a woman a man needs

My problem was that they were too easy to catch. Well, I guess I was the one that was too easy to catch. I’d fall for every cheesy line and trusted way too easily. That’s why I’ve been with guys who lie, cheat, and other unmentionable things. I have a bad boy thing and it has got to go! By swearing off of dating or any intimate relationships for a year I am forcing myself to see the world around me and appreciate myself.

beautiful quote

I have learned a lot, mainly that I am friggen’ awesome! But besides that, my biggest setback is that I have self-esteem issues big time. I don’t have that part of me that says “You’re important. You deserve the world. You are beautiful” so I am hoping to build that piece up. I don’t want to settle or put myself on the backburner. I want to be happy, I want to be that person that believes I am important. I deserve the world. I am freaking beautiful.

I have always been happiest when I feel beautiful. Or maybe it’s when I’m happy that I feel beautiful? It’s a bi-polar thing I guess. Either way, the two correlate well together. So, I’m experimenting a little. Bringing sexy back {to me} if you will :). I found a company that has lingerie, sleepwear, corsets that fit me (without ordering 3 sizes up) and all the things that make me feel sexy. That’s not easy when you are plus size with a less than ample bosom, but Adore Me has it all!

Adore Me Corset

For all of you ladies who are hesitant to shop for lingerie online Adore Me is your answer! They are a subscription company that has true to size intimates in over 500 styles. Styles are available in petite and plus sizes too! The styles are amazing and the fact that I could order in my usual size and have it fit, I died a little. The corset was everything I had ever hoped for but yet to receive. The only issue I had was there was no one to help me close it (one of the downsides to celibacy!) but, get this, I could pull it on! Sure there was wriggling, twisting, and gyrating but I got it on and didn’t lose any of the corset benefits.

Adore Me Lingerie

The lingerie (panty/bra sets) selection is droolworthy. I wasn’t used to seeing my size available in so many sexy styles. What was even better was being able to choose separate sizes. Buying sets elsewhere usually means a One Size Fits All type of deal. You get a 36B bra with a size 7 panty. That doesn’t work for everyone, including me. Adore Me lets you select from extensive sizes for each piece of the set separately. I snagged a gorgeous red bra & panty set ( the Julie Contour)  that does wonders for me! The bra helps smooth out the top part of my chest and the panty fits perfectly with no riding or falling.


Adore Me Sleep Sets Robe

Then there are the sleepsets which while there aren’t as many styles to choose from, cover all of your needs. They offer sexy sleepwear as well as a more conservative set. I love the Judie set. The fabric feels amazing on my skin and the way it flows instead of clings makes me feel sexy, which makes me happy. They also have robes which I just want to live in! The Vanessa robe is flowy and sexy and pairs with everything.

I have had such a self-esteem boost since I found Adore Me. My mood has totally changed and I feel like I look amazing which, right now, is all that matters. I’m so excited about this company and highly encourage you to try it for yourself! Whether you have someone to impress or just want to feel beautiful and sexy you must check out Adore Me.

How Adore Me Works

Adore Me Bringing Sexy Back

Like I said, Adore Me is a subscription lingerie service. Their VIP Membership is $39.95 which gets you your choice of a matching set from the Adore Me collection each month. There is an awesome sale right now (until November 30) where new members can get their first VIP” set for $19.95 using the code GETGLAM19.

The beauty of this is you don’t have to buy a set each month. If you’re strapped for cash or just not feeling lingerie one month you can skip it. There is action involved here though so you have to login to your account and click “skip” between the 1st and 5th of the month. If you don’t your membership will be auto charged the membership fee and you’ll get a credit to use for the amount. If you don’t want to use the credit you can refund it to yourself within 30 days.

That alone is enough to love Adore Me!

Some other perks of being a VIP are:

  • $10 OFF any style, any time!
  • Every 6th set is on us!
  • Free shipping and exchanges.
  • Exclusive access to VIP only sales and sets.

This would make the perfect gift for your closest friends during the holidays! What’s better than the gift of sexy?! #GivingSexyBack!!

Here’s your chance to try it for yourself!

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