Get Your Cupid On with SinfulColors

I’m so excited… I just can’t hide it!!! SinfulColors (who sent us some polishes for editorial consideration) has their V-Day line out and it is filled with awesomeness. They have 8 polishes just waiting for you to channel your inner cupid.


I had the opportunity to play with a few of them and I want to show you how my playdate with SinfulColors came out. First up there is the Love Sprinkles. It’s basically a topcoat with a blend of small and medium-sized round confetti and hearts.

I had a time getting the hearts to come out, but I do like how they don’t all clump up. I think one heart per finger is satisfactory.
SinfulColors Love Sprinkles

Next it’s Rise and Shine. A gorgeous teal color that deviates from the traditional red and pinks of Valentine’s Day. I think that is what makes me love it so much!

SinfulColors Rise and Shine

Daredevil is a medium pink shade with a slight purple hue that causes it to look metallic. I love the contrast and the cupid-esque look of this color.

SinfulColors Daredevil

Finally we have Dream On which is a vibrant magenta-ish color with a purple hue. This is my favorite color of the four I received and it seems to go on thicker than the others.

SinfulColors Dream on

SinfulColors is available nationwide at Walgreens, Rite Aid & Other Mass Retailers. Colors retail for $1.99 which make them a steal and a lot cheaper than getting them professionally done. The colors last a decent amount of time with a top coat on.

I can’t wait to see what SinfulColors has in store for St. Patty’s Day and Easter!! I absolutely adore them and hope you have as much fun mixing and matching their polishes as I do. You can connect with SinfulColors on social media to get even more holiday inspiration.