Packing for a Summer in Las Vegas with CUSHIE b

Packing for a Summer in Las Vegas with CUSHIE b

If you haven’t heard yet, Simple Beautiful Life is heading to Vegas! Last year we took a trip to New Orleans for my birthday and this year we’re Sin City bound. Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it. I think it’s everyone’s secret wish to spend their birthday in Las Vegas. I may not be turning 21 again, but I intend to act like it because, well, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. With the exception of the stuff I share with you of course!

I have been to Las Vegas once before, in January. I’ve never been there in the summer but my birthday is in August so summer in Vegas it is. While I do still have a couple of months to go I am already planning for the trip. I’ve created a Vegas Pinterest board that I’m pinning all the resourceful info I find on Las Vegas to.

Dressing for Vegas  with CUSHIE b

One of my main concerns is how to dress for summer in Las Vegas. I know it’s going to be hot, but is it comparable to a New Orleans summer heat? I’m sure there’s a major difference since there is little to no humidity in the desert. I have a lot of research left to do but I know I’ll be packing my new favorite tops from Cushie B (received for review purposes) for the trip. The tops are incredibly versatile and will be perfect for any casual or semi casual outfit I put together.
CUSHIE b Mediterranean Blue T-Shirt

I love the bold color of the Mediterranean Blue T-Shirt. The fit and hang of the shirt are very flattering which is important for a plus size woman like myself. It flows freely instead of clinging and accentuating those parts I try to hide.

This top is made with heavy cotton and Lycra in sizes 1X – 3X.


CUSHIE b Black Tank



The CUSHIE b Black Tank is a must have summer top. The material is breathable without being too thin (i.e. see through). It’s made with heavy cotton and Lyrcra so it is form-fitting but not tight. Seriously amazing! I especially love that it comes down further than some other tanks and lets me cover the tummy bulge!

This top is available in sizes 1X – 3X.

I’m in love with the quality of these tops. After a month they are not showing any signs of wear & tear. There is no fraying, no loose threads, and nothing at all to complain about.

CUSHIE b has more great styles for plus size women and I am certain the quality of their other pieces is as awesome as the items I received. Head over and see what CUSHIE b can do for your wardrobe and let me know what your favorite piece is!

You can also connect with CUSHIE b on social media:

Covered Perfectly Review

In the age of crop tops and booty shorts shopping for fashionable yet modest clothing may seem impossible. Thanks to innovators like Pauline Durban it’s not only possible but fun too. Pauline created Covered Perfectly (who sent us the top for this posts’ inspiration) after becoming fed up with tops that had arms and torsos that were too short. Being a plus size woman I’ve encountered the same frustrations as Pauline and was elated after trying on the Mandy Print in Orange Snakeskin.Covered Perfectly (1)

The first thing you notice with tops from Covered Perfectly is the super soft material. I seriously just wanted to snuggle with the top for a while; it is so incredibly soft and touchable. Wearing it is a treat in itself, no kidding.

For me the truest test in a shirts coverage capabilities is the breakfast club sky punch. You know, Judd Nelson fist bumping the clouds; because I do that all of the time. No, seriously – see?Covered Perfectly

I was thrilled when I didn’t catch a draft on my belly as with so many shirts before this one. I know there are crop tops for plus sizes but it’s just not my thing. My muffin top needs to stay in the box, or in this case, under the shirt. That’s why I am so in love with Covered Perfectly. I can fist bump the clouds, jump up and down maniacally or simply lift my arms (yes, I have boring moments too) and the top stays in place.

The design is flattering without being overwhelming. I adore the colors in the snakeskin print and the gradual fading. SO purdy and flattering. The gorgeous print can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you’re doing. It’s warm enough for crisp fall weather but completely breathable thanks to the material.

You know what I noticed after washing the top? Nothing different. There was no shrinking and the soft, touchable material stayed just as soft and touchable. I was kind of worried it would be a one hit wonder and after washing it it would shrivel and lose that super soft feel. I’m so thankful I was wrong and so grateful that I have a top that I feel sexy wearing. The only thing I would possibly change is the chest. I’m not blessed in the boobs department so there is a slight sag where my breasts should be. I think anyone even a half cup over a B would find this fit super flattering.

Covered Perfectly

OH, something else that makes this shirt awesome is the fact it doesn’t need to be ironed! That makes it a great top for travelling 🙂 So what are you waiting for?! Head over to Covered Perfectly and check out all of the amazing tops available. You can also connect with Covered Perfectly on social media.