Using Coconut Oil & Sugar to Get Beautiful

DIY Beauty

CocoPeppermint Foot Butter

CocoPeppermint Foot ButterAn amazing blend of coconut oil, shea butter and peppermint essential oil to revitalize tired feet. Shea Butter is available at most natural foods stores. We like Everyday Shea by Alaffia.

2 Tbsp Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil
5 Tbsp Shea Butter
40 drops Peppermint Essential Oil


1. In a double boiler over low heat, gently warm the coconut oil and shea butter. Be careful not to melt the oil and butter – heat just enough to blend easily. Once incorporated, transfer the oil and butter mixture to a bowl.

 2. Using an electric mixer, blend the coconut oil and butter on low to medium speed until well incorporated, 1-2 minutes. Use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl and avoid having any clumps in the final product.

 3. Increase the speed to medium for several minutes until the mixture is thick and buttery. Continue to incorporate the ingredients by scraping the sides of the bowl with a spatula.

4. Add the essential oil and blend to incorporate. The whole mixing process should take 5 to 6 minutes.

Yields 4oz. Transfer to a container like a wide-mouth canning jar for easy scooping. The peppermint oil gives a wonderful, tingling sensation for tired feet. You can also substitute lavender essential oil for a calming effect.

Vanilla Cinnamon Latte Body Scrub

Vanilla Cinnamon Latte Body ScrubA sublime body scrub to increase circulation and bring new life to dehydrated skin.

1/4 c Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil
1/2 c Nutiva Organic Coconut Sugar
1/2 c Coffee, ground
1 tsp Vanilla Extract or 20 drops Vanilla Essential Oil
4 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil


1. In a double boiler over low heat, gently warm the coconut oil. Be careful not to melt the oil – heat just enough to blend easily with the sugar and coffee grounds. Once warm, remove from heat and transfer the oil to a bowl.

2. Add the coconut sugar, coffee grounds, vanilla, and orange essential oil. Stir by hand until all of the ingredients are well blended.

So with these wonderful things from Nutiva we have 2 great alternatives to some of the things that we love that don’t necessarily love us. There are lots of other ways to mix it up with just these two items, and hopefully it will help you move yourself to a healthier better you.