5 Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

A Few Precautions Help Reduce Risks So You
Can Focus On Fun, Globetrotting Author Says

Perhaps more than ever, women are willing to ditch their traveling companions and go solo when it comes time to hit the road and see the world.

A survey by Small Luxury Hotels of the World, for example, revealed that between 2011 and 2012 there was a 53 percent increase in the demand for rooms by women traveling alone.

The London Daily Mail also reports that some hotels have taken steps to make their accommodations more appealing to women traveling on their own, with such features as women-only floors. Barb Traveling 2

Still, despite the trend, many women may worry that such solitary excursions carry too many risks, making them a target for thieves, kidnappers and other criminals.

But one woman who has logged endless miles exploring the world and finding romance says it doesn’t have to be that way.

“There is no reason to let your fears keep you from the adventures you can experience,” says Barbara Foster, a veteran globetrotter and author of the book “The Confessions of a Librarian: A Memoir of Loves.” (www.threelovestory.com)

“Sure, there are risky places and bad types out there. But with the right precautions, women can travel solo with confidence, visiting the places and meeting the people they always dreamed of and returning home with wonderful stories and memories.”

Foster speaks from experience. Her travels have taken her across the country and around the world, with stops in Istanbul, Bombay, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem and other locales.

As an adventurer, Foster is something of a contradiction. She describes herself as a librarian who has difficulty reading flight schedules, and suspects a haggling merchant in an Arab bazaar would view her as easy pickings.

He would be mistaken.

While Foster has spent a professional lifetime in academia, and co-authored books on such esoteric subjects as Tibetan Buddhism, she also is steeped in real-life experience.

Foster, who says solo trips can be deeply rewarding for women, offers five tips for traveling boldly while staying safe.

•  Steer clear of the most dangerous locales. Simply put, some places just aren’t worth the risk, so avoid “no go” neighborhoods, cities and countries. For example, if you feel compelled to go to the Middle East, visit Israel, which is the safest Middle Eastern country. Still, if the destination is truly important to you, go ahead and take the risk. India can be dangerous and Foster says she was nearly kidnapped there, saved only by the intervention of a librarian friend. At the same time, she says, the country offers a once in a lifetime experience.

•  Connect with friendly contacts. Make yourself known not only to the U.S. embassy or consul, but also to people in your field, Foster says. During her travels, Foster wrote articles about libraries she visited. Her fellow librarians were a protective group.

•  Learn the language or at least useful phrases. Even if it’s just a few key words, speaking the language can come in handy if you need to seek assistance. Understanding what others are saying also can alert you to potential dangers.

•  Dress wisely, pay attention to manners and spend money in moderation. Essentially, don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself. In her book, Foster recounts a visit to Istanbul where she watched horror-struck as two Turkish men slapped a young British woman for wearing a miniskirt on the street. For added protection against thieves, Foster recommends carrying money and identification in a pouch under your shirt.

•  Travel in the USA. You will miss many of the world’s must-see places, but if the thought of traveling abroad holds too much stress for you, it might be better to stick closer to home. Foster says two of her favorite U.S. cities are New York and New Orleans, both great places to explore.

About Barbara Foster

Barb TravelingBarbara Foster has worked as a college librarian and as an associate professor specializing in Women’s Studies at the City University of New York. She has published numerous articles on education and travel, as well as more than 200 poems in literary journals under the name Belladonna. Her latest book is “The Confessions of a Librarian: A Memoir of Loves.” (

Easy Access with Kevo from Kwikset

Untitled1When you’re a single woman living in a new place security is the number one concern. Regardless of how great the place you’re living is you are always susceptible to danger. I found that out the hard way.

When I first moved to my apartment in a new state I was in awe. The town is incredible and everyone is so nice. Then I started meeting people and things were finally starting to look up. It took a few weeks but I started to realize the people I was meeting weren’t exactly the people I wanted to meet. Turns out quite a few of them were beyond loony.

Scary even.

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Tricksters Helmets from Pillow Pets Review

We’ve all heard the saying “Safety First” and have probably used it a few times as well. This saying is like a parents motto – our children’s safety and well being is at the top of our priority lists. But who says safety has to be boring? The people over at Pillow Pets have taken a necessary safety device and turned it into something absolutely awesome.

Trickster Helmets from Pillow Pets.

I’m talking about the new Tricksters Helmets from Pillow Pets.

The helmets are available in 5 fun designs that you’ve come to expect from the Pillow Pets line.

  • Flower Power Cat Tricksters
  • LuLu Leopard Tricksters
  • Panda Tricksters
  • Puppy Tricksters
  • Rainbow Bear Tricksters

I personally think the Tricksters helmets are a genius ways to keep kids safe. Every kid I know hates wearing boring old helmets, no matter how much you beg. The kids are so excited to put their tricksters helmets on anytime they get on their bikes. We don’t even have to say anything!

Trickster Helmets from Pillow Pets

The Tricksters helmets are designed for children 3 – 7. If they came in adult sizes I’m pretty sure I’d wear one, I love the Flower Power Cat! Team Pink all day! These helmets are around $30 which is a small price to pay for the safety of our children. Tricksters helmets aren’t just super cute; they are also safe and approved for bikes, skateboards and scooters.

Trickster Helmets from Pillow Pets  (1)
The straps on the Tricksters helmets are fully adjustable, allowing most children ages 3 – 7 to wear them securely. That’s an important feature for me, especially after a scary incident with a helmet that was way too lose.
Pillow Pets is a household name and they have really outdone themselves with the Tricksters helmets. An extremely high cuteness factor coupled with functionality gets this moms vote of approval. You can get your own Tricksters helmet from their website. You can also connect with Tricksters on Facebook.