The Finest Hours – Disney Movie Review

The Finest Hours – Disney Movie Review

When it comes to movies, when I see ‘Based on a True Story’ anywhere in the promotional material I tend to turn away. 9 times out of 10 they are based on sad, tragic stories and I ugly cry enough during sad fictional movies – I can’t deal with sad real life movies!


I Found the Mother of Affordable Decor at @AtHomeStores

I Found the Mother of Affordable Decor at @AtHomeStores

Call me crazy, but one of my all-time favorite things about any holiday is decorating. Whether it’s putting up spooky ghosts and spiders for Halloween, jingle bells and tinsel for Christmas, or stars and stripes for the 4th of July I find magic in themed decor.

At Home Patriotic Decor

It may have something to do with the ever-changing aspect… I do get pretty bored with the same old same.

With July 4th and Memorial Day around the corner, I found myself browsing for patriotic themed decor. The hunt started while I was still in Iowa and led me to discover At Home and their Waterloo, IA store. They had their Grand Opening on April 22 and 23, just a few days after I left Iowa for North Carolina.

I am setting a day aside so we can go visit the Raleigh store because from what I hear, it’s awesome! Heads up North Carolinians: At Home has brick and mortar stores in Concord, Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensboro! Don’t worry, they have lots of stores and a handy store finder tool to help you find one near you!

At Home Patriotic Decor

You can get a feel for what At Home has to offer by visiting their website. For stuff like this though you really want to see everything because the pieces are amazing and I’m not sure the photos do them justice.

To help us get a feel for the company’s work we were sent a few pieces (just in time for the summer holidays!!!). As soon as I opened the boxes I was excited. I could feel the Independence Day spirit pouring in. Or maybe it was the upcoming change of interior scenery… either way, it felt amazing!

At Home Patriotic Decor

These are pieces you want to show off and have front and center for the holidays.

These are pieces people will comment on and beg to know where you got them.

These are pieces that are affordable and well-made!

At Home Patriotic Decorations

The Canvas American Flag Chest is my favorite piece. It can be used year-round to hold trinkets or anything else. It is pretty durable to be so light-weight which makes me like it even more. It opens and closes without creaking or overlapping. It fits in with any other patriotic decor or stands out on its own.

At Home Patriotic DecorationsThe Decorative Wooden “Fireworks” are super neat and when you have more than one become an adorable focal point. These are made for indoor use but they are so, so, so cute outside by a bench or on a porch. I do bring them in at night so weather and nocturnal critters don’t mess them up. The metallic ‘fuses’ on top add some whimsy to an already fun set of decor.

At Home Patriotic Decor

I couldn’t help but check out the entire selection over at the At Home website. It’s amazing and the prices are practical. It truly is the decor superstore! Oh, and they have sales!

That means you can get a head start on the upcoming holidays and save a ton of money. There is more than just holiday decor.

They have everything you could want to update the look and feel of your home at a price that won’t drain your savings. If you can’t tell, I 100% approve of At Home!!


Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head Review & Giveaway

Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head Review & Giveaway

Have you ever wished for a way to make your shower a more refreshing and invigorating experience? That’s exactly what happened when I installed the Aroma Sense aromatherapy shower head (sent for review purposes). This isn’t an ordinary shower head, it’s better! The only thing that would have made it better would if it had been handheld, but Aroma Sense offers those too!

Aroma Sense

Aromatherapy is one of those things that you don’t think will work but then blows you away. That’s how it was for me and so many others I know. When a scent can get rid of a migraine or stress I tend to be sold. There are many benefits to aromatherapy and this shower head helps you enjoy some of them without the hassle of actually messing with the oils.

The Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head came with a Vitamin C shower cartridge which turns every shower into a citrus filled, energizing experience. I love waking up early just to take a shower and get that rush of energy I get from the smell. I’m a sucker for citrus 😀 The vitamin C also transfers to the skin and hair which is an added bonus (hello replenishment!) The negative ions produced from the shower head have been scientifically proven to aid in breathing, increase blood flow, and alleviate stress.

Aroma Sense

It doesn’t stop there, though, guys. If you have low water pressure then you’ll love the boost you get with this shower head. It is optimized to boost water pressure (with its 300+ spray plate holes) and remove the chlorine from water. Don’t worry, though, the Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head actually helps reduce water consumption by 25%!

Even more greatness, the {included} filters make it so dirt and rust (or any other contaminates) from pipes or wherever won’t get through. The final piece of greatness that I have to share is how super easy it is to install this. The only issue I had was getting the old shower head off! The seal is perfect, there’s no dripping/leaking water or loss of water pressure. It is designed to fit any standard shower arm and can be used to replace any mounted shower head fixture that you have installed.

Aroma Sense Shower head

Aroma Sense carries several different types of replacement cartridges. If you don’t want the aromatherapy benefit, you can always use the shower head without the cartridge.

  • Vitamin C Lemon
  • Vitamin C Citrus Mango
  • Vitamin C Eucalyptus
  • Vitamin C Lavender
  • Vitamin C Jasmine
  • Vitamin C Neutral

Win It

The Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head is amazing and I know you’re going to love it too – so much so that we’re giving one away! Just enter using the form below

Buy It

You can buy the Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head online at

Opus Wall Mounted Vitamin C Shower Head

Arris SURFboard Cable Modem SB6190 Review

Arris SURFboard Cable Modem SB6190 Review

Can you think of a time when you bought/paid for something and didn’t get the amount you paid for? Like, I have ever paid for an extra-large drink only to get 1/4 of it? It sounds ridiculous, right? So why do we pay for more internet than we get?

Arris SURFboard Cable Modem SB6190

When we moved to Iowa last month the internet speeds went WAY up. We went from 75 Mbps download to 150 Mbps download and the monthly cost wasn’t much different. Imagine our disappointment when the speed test showed we were getting a whopping 15 Mbps download with a dial-up worthy upload speed. Needless to say, we were on the phone finding out why in the world the speeds were so different from those we were paying for. It came down to one thing: THE MODEM.

I never realized how different an internet connection was between modems. If you are one of the many who rent their modem from the cable company this post is for you. If you have problems with your internet going in and out, if you can make and drink a pot of coffee before a file downloads then this post is for you too. You need an awesome modem.

SURFboard modem review

Arris sent the SURFboard SB6190 Cable Modem for review purposes

The SURFboard SB6190 Cable Modem is the answer to many problems. Sick of wasting money every month renting a modem from the cable company? Not getting the full benefits of your internet/WiFi connection? A top of the line modem like this one is exactly what the tech gods call for.

What’s so special about the SURFboard SB6190 Cable Modem


First off, this modem has a huge downstream speed of up to 1.4 Gbps. That’s right, not Mbps, but Gbps. This is especially important if you have a high-speed package but don’t see the high-speed numbers.

The modem works with popular cable providers like Comcast, Charter, Time Warner, and Cox. It’s super easy to install the modem and you can expect to be surfing at the speeds you pay for within 15 minutes*!

*You may need to contact your cable company to get them to add/provision the modem for your account.
Arris SURFboard Cable Modem SB6190

 The only thing this modem doesn’t give you is WiFi and you have routers to take care of that. you can see for yourself what the Arris SURFboard Cable Modem SB6190 has to offer.

I swear, I never realized MMORPG gameplay could be so smooth and seamless! No more frozen screens or crazy lag spikes. I can turn my graphics up and the game doesn’t take forever to render. This is all since installing this modem!

Arris SURFboard Cable Modem SB6190

Check out the Arris website and the Arris SURFboard Cable Modem SB6190 itself. I can’t imagine going back to a less impressive modem and don’t ever plan to!

Artis Fluenta Collection Makeup Brush Review

Artis Fluenta Collection Makeup Brush Review

When it comes to makeup most people think of the product itself before anything else. What isn’t always given much thought is the brushes you use to apply your makeup. I used to be under the impression that ‘a brush is a brush’ but that couldn’t be less true.

See, not all makeup brushes are created equal and once you use top-of-the-line brushes you’ll never go back to the cheap, shedding brushes you may be used to.

artis brushes

I was recently given the chance to try (for review purposes) a few brushes from the Artis Fluenta collection. The first thing that stood out about these brushes is that they are animal-free. Most makeup brushes on the market use goat hair, but Artis does not.

Artis never uses any animal hairs or by-products in their brushes! They use CosmeFibreâ, trademarked engineered fiber developed exclusively for superior makeup application. This fiber outperforms animal hair by resisting UV, chemical challenges, and wear testing for more consistent application than animal hair used in conventional makeup brushes.

artis brushes

The brushes in the Artis Fluenta collection do not look like your typical makeup brushes. They are handmade (in the USA) to make applying makeup easier and more efficient – without you needing to bend and contort your wrists and hands to get it just right. Artis founder, Matthew Waitesmith {former MAC Cosmetics senior exec}, created each new makeup brush with the purpose of control and flexibility.

While I absolutely love the look and thought behind these brushes, it did take me some time to get used to using them. I blame it on years of non-ergo dynamically designed brush use. Once I started to get the hang of using these brushes I was hooked. The makeup went on perfectly and my favorite is I don’t have to touch my face to put on eyeshadow anymore! Before I was balancing my hand on my cheek, trying to get the angles just right. Now the brush does all of the work, I just simply glide it where I want it to go.

The 5 piece Fluenta Collection brush set that was sent to me has the following brushes:

  • Oval 6 – great for applying foundation, blush, and contour
  • Oval 4Oval 3 – great for applying eye makeup with ease and perfection
  • Linear 1 – great for applying eyeliner and precision eye shadow. Also good for brow shaping
  • Circle 1 – great for applying lip color and concealer to small areas

The brushes themselves do not shed (!!!!) which is the biggest thing for me. I hate, hate, hate, trying to pick individual hairs off of my face. The design is modern and sleek and I love the ‘chrome’ finish on the matte black microtextured grip section. The brushes are weight-balanced – which is why I don’t need to use my face for balance or leverage.

You can find the Artis Fluenta Collection in-store at Neiman Marcus and Prices range from $25 to $400, and there are many brushes available. The Oval 10 brush alone has over 250,000 individual fibers!