Master Chef Junior Season Three Recap


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Last night we gathered around my television to watch the season three premiere of Master Chef Junior. I would be lying if I said I didn’t fall head over heels for these pint sized chefs. Especially eight-year-old Riley who was just too cute behind his mystery box.

Master Chef Junior Season Three

What really threw me for a loop though was Gordon Ramsey. Normally we see him yelling and screaming at contestants while last night he was a perfect gentleman. He encouraged the kids while reassuring them they were doing an excellent job. It was a bit refreshing and I loved seeing that side of him. Who knew Chef Ramsey had a soft spot for children?!

As the judges, Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot, pointed out, the techniques these kiddos used surpass even the grown-up chefs that came before them. I can definitely stand to learn a few things from these incredible chefs. It is also a great show to encourage your own kiddos to practice creative freedom in the kitchen. Who knows – they could be the next Master Chef Junior!

Master Chef Junior

We had a little help celebrating the Master Chef Junior premiere last night. There was some outrageously delicious hot chocolate involved. I wanted to make some other goodies like Snowball Cookies or last seasons winner, Logan’s Hot Coco Milk Crumb Chocolate Chip Cookies. I didn’t get the chance to bake though – somehow the day got away from me. By the time we settled in it was time to watch the show. And it had us hooked from the very beginning.


I can only dream of creating some of the dishes we saw last night. Vodka (no vodka) sauce, homemade pappardelle, and mango turnover with a coconut creme anglaise and mango coulis. Really kids, really?! You’re making me look bad! And the encouragement each contestant showed the others was truly heartwarming. They don’t see each other as competitors, but instead as friends. It’s definitely a show to get the kiddos involved in.

Master Chef Junior 1

MasterChef Junior gives the best junior home cooks in America the chance to showcase their culinary abilities and passion for food through a series of delicious challenges. Each episode, host and award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay is joined by restaurateur Joe Bastianich and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot on the MasterChef Junior judging panel.

Season 3 returns Tuesday, January 6 at 8/7c on FOX. During this time of year, the perfect way to spend long winter nights is indoors, far from the cold and indulging in some delicious sweet treats. I can’t wait to watch the entire season and see what other incredible dishes these kids will come up with. I also can’t wait to give one of you the same viewing kit we received. You’re going to love it! It has the following items

  • 2 Master Chef Junior Coffee Mugs
  • 4 Hot Chocolates on a Stick: Vanilla White Chocolate, Cinnamon and Cayenne Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate
  • 3 Containers of Hot Cocoa Toppings: Marshmallows, Caramel balls, Crushed Peppermints
  • 4 Recipe Cards with Kitchen Tips

Master Chef Junior is on FOX at 8/7c on Tuesdays. Be sure to tune in!!

Master Chef Junior