Fashionably Fashionable with Robert Matthew

Fashionably Fashionable with Robert Matthew

UntitledLet’s talk purses for  a little bit, shall we? Did your eyebrows just raise as you grinned from ear to ear? I do that every time I hear the word purse, handbag or shoulder bag – they all scream “Wear Me, Amber!” So I do. I’m a total purse junkie and my new favorite comes from Robert Matthew. It’s the Robert Matthew Ava Crossbody Shoulder Bag. Take a peek:

Robert Matthew

Gorgeous, right?

That was my first thought when I saw it sitting on my computer screen; followed by “I have to have that!” It’s compact yet it has enough room for all of my necessities. I don’t care too much for bulky bags anymore, so when a bag comes around that has tons of storage in a small package I’m interested. That’s what happened with the Ava Crossbody Shoulder Bag.

Look how much it holds!

Inside the bag I have the following items:

  • My wallet
  • mini flash light
  • full size lotion
  • contact case
  • cell phone
  • lip gloss, make-up, make-up removing cloths
  • secondary change purseRobert Matthew

Everything that I have tossed around in my bigger, bulkier bags fits neatly inside my Ava Crossbody Shoulder Bag. I can open it up and easily find whatever I’m looking for.

The stitching and overall craftsmanship of the Ava Crossbody Shoulder Bag is incredible. It’s highly durable, made with animal friendly pu leather, and looks incredibly fashion forward. It’s a triple threat for sure!

Robert Matthew

My favorite feature aside from the space is the strap. I adore the chain links and think it compliments the purse so well. It even has a comfort strap so there’s no irritation when wearing this bag.

Heck, I love everything about the Ava Crossbody Shoulder Bag.

More than just bags

Robert Matthew

Robert Matthew has more to offer than just gorgeous bags. They carry jewelry and scarves too; like this amazingly spring ready Bella Floral Scarf in Coral. The design is beautiful and it’s big enough to be worn in a number of ways: wrapped, tied or knotted. Scarves are such a great accessory for Spring and the scarves from Robert Matthew are absolutely stunning.

You have to check out everything Robert Matthew has to offer. They’re exactly what the doctor ordered to jazz up your Spring Wardrobe. Because I know you’re going to love it I have a special code just for you! You can take 50% Off of the Ava crossbody shoulder bag by using the code “SBL50” at checkout!

Robert Matthew

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