Awesome Buys Under $20 You Should Snag Right Now

Awesome Buys Under $20 You Should Snag Right Now

If you’re anything like me you are beyond ready to kick winter to the curb and start enjoying spring. What better way to do that than to go shopping?

Okay, that is my solution to everything, but in this case, it actually works!


When you are stuck with the ‘same ol’ same’ stuff you get bored and it makes letting go of a season that much harder. When I pack something away I want to replace it with something new. Kind of like ex-boyfriends ;).

This spring I have some great suggestions to help you get in the spring spirit (that’s totally a thing, I swear.) If you see a *  by the title then I got that product sent (for review purposes) to me; there are also affiliate links within this post. Let’s get down to business!


* Invisi bobble – Because your hair deserves a break. I have a lot of hair. It’s not necessarily long (it hits just above my bra strap) but it is very thick. If I leave it down there’s a 9/10 chance it is going to poof out, get in my eyes, and/or attack at the first sign of danger. I want to be able to keep it secure without worrying about a band snapping or being left with the ghost of ponytails past.

You know, you take your hair out of a ponytail only to have it think it is still in a ponytail.

The Invisi Bobble puts a stop to all of that and gives you a retry style hair holder that doesn’t rip out your hair! You can get a 3 pack for less than $9 and they are available in different sizes & colors.

Get them here: Urban Outfitters &, Nordstrom, ULTA, TOP SHOP, and


BodiPure Keratin Gloves & Socks – Because there’s no place for dry, scaly winter skin in spring! These disposable gloves and socks are just what you need to make your skin soft and touchable again. You can really feel the difference after just one use!

Get them here:

Gray Away

* Gray Away – Because you can’t dye your hair every time a gray pops up. Disguise those in-between salon times with the cute and compact temporary root concealer from Gray Away.

Getting rid of roots is now a pat away with touch-up magnetic powder that binds to hair until the next wash. With self-adjusting color technology that blends undetectably and matches hair color perfectly, the protein infused powder leaves hair soft, shiny and natural to the touch. Free of harsh chemicals and dyes.

Gray Away is available in 3 color-matching technological blends: Black/Dark Brown, Light Brown, Lightest Brown/Dark Blonde. Just dip the brush into the magnetic powder and brush on. This will definitely get you through until you can touch up those roots.

Get it at: Ulta, CVS, Walgreens &

Kleenex Exfoliating Cushions

* Kleenex Exfoliating Cushions – Because your skin could use it. I don’t know about you but I always seem to make a mess when I’m exfoliating. With these individually wrapped exfoliating cushions, there is no mess and you get the gentleness that you’d expect from Kleenex.

An exclusive combination of dual-sided, multilayered fabrics and a gentle cleanser that exfoliates and polishes the skin in seconds. Designed to reveal a healthy, more radiant glow in just one use.

Get them

Totally Sweet Products

* Totally Sweet Kitchen Accessories – Because 5% of each product purchase goes to Bake for Benny (a fund dedicated to benefiting national no-kill animal shelters in honor of the company’s first beloved office dog!). Totally Sweet Products sent over their Cookie Dough Scoops, Set of Icing Combs, and 6″ Cookie Spatula and they are so, so, so cute!

The cookie dough scoops give you the perfect amount for the perfect cookies and the spatula lets you take them out of the pan without breaking! The icing combs are great for all cake makers, regardless of experience. They make cake decorating simple and flawless, just how I like it!

TSP is a vintage-styled collection of baking products and decorating accessories inspired by the tools used by professional chefs. TSP offers a collection of baking accessories and decorating tools designed to easily deliver professional-looking results to impress family, friends, and guests for any spring event!

Get them here:

Food Huggers

Food Huggers  – Because wasting food is a crime, well it should be 🙂 When you only need a portion of a fruit or veggie these food huggers will let you keep them from going bad so quickly. They ‘hug’ your leftover produce to keep air from turning them into a mushy mess.

Get them here:

Cabinet Pan Organizer Shelf Rack

Cabinet Pan Organizer Shelf Rack – Because tossing everything onto a pile under the counter just isn’t cutting it anymore. Cooking becomes a lot easier when you have your pans on hand, without having to dig through a bunch of other pots and pans to find them. You’ll be amazed at what a difference these make!

Get it

Shoe Slotz

* Shoe Slotz – Because space is precious. Where do you keep your shoes when you’re not wearing them? For me, it’s the top shelf in my closet; but that space is pretty valuable.

Shoe Slotz lets you stack your shoes so you take up less space! You can literally save half of the space you are currently using (assuming  you keep your shoes side-by-side.). These come in groups of 6 for just under $15!

Get them here:

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Hanging Jewelry Organizer – Because you need your accessories on hand and untangled. If you are sick of seeing your necklaces tangled, missing an earring, or just need to organize your jewelry collection this is for you.

It hangs on the wall so you’re not taking up valuable counter/table top space and it holds several pieces. I got this one from Michael’s (not under $20) but I’m sure you can find other options as well.

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