Garrett Popcorn Holiday Mix™ Review

How much do you love winter flavors? If your answer was less than “a lot” then let’s chat afterwards. Everyone else: we have found the Winter Popcorn Utopia. The Holiday Mix™ was sent (for review) in a red and green tin that inconspicuously hid the mounds of wintry goodness inside.

Inside was, and I kid you not, a bottomless pit of Garrett Popcorn’s Gingerbread CaramelCrisp® and creamy white chocolate covered CaramelCrisp® popcorn. Popcorn that was so crispy despite the thick coatings of goodness that enveloped them. Popcorn that became a community expectation at first bite.Several of my friends tried this popcorn. Only one of those friends claimed to not like it (but even he went in for seconds… and thirds.)

Garrett Popcorn Holiday Mix™I can understand not liking it at first if the Gingerbread CaramelCrisp® is eaten alone. The spice flavor can hit hard if you are not expecting it. But once you’ve realized “Hey, there’s gingerbread here” then it is time to go in for more. Mix the gingerbread with the white chocolate covered CaramelCrisp® popcorn and it is like your tastebuds died, went to yummy heaven, and were eternally frolicking. Maybe that isn’t descriptive enough, but it is totally how it felt.

Garrett-Popcorn-Holiday-Mix#U2122-ReviewSo, this popcorn is from Garrett Popcorn. They have been in the yummifying of popcorn business since 1949. That would explain how awesome their popcorn is – they have definitely perfected the method. They have so many flavors that are handcrafted to perfection I couldn’t even begin to list them all here. They have shops scattered around the country and you can use their shop finder tool to find one near you.

Garrett-Popcorn-Holiday-Mix#U2122-You definitely need to order some of this popcorn. Your guests will love you for it and with the ability to create your own tin you will be more than happy with what you get. In the meantime be sure to connect with Garrett Popcorn on their social media channels for all of their holiday goodness.