I Found the Mother of Affordable Decor at @AtHomeStores

I Found the Mother of Affordable Decor at @AtHomeStores

Call me crazy, but one of my all-time favorite things about any holiday is decorating. Whether it’s putting up spooky ghosts and spiders for Halloween, jingle bells and tinsel for Christmas, or stars and stripes for the 4th of July I find magic in themed decor.

At Home Patriotic Decor

It may have something to do with the ever-changing aspect… I do get pretty bored with the same old same.

With July 4th and Memorial Day around the corner, I found myself browsing for patriotic themed decor. The hunt started while I was still in Iowa and led me to discover At Home and their Waterloo, IA store. They had their Grand Opening on April 22 and 23, just a few days after I left Iowa for North Carolina.

I am setting a day aside so we can go visit the Raleigh store because from what I hear, it’s awesome! Heads up North Carolinians: At Home has brick and mortar stores in Concord, Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensboro! Don’t worry, they have lots of stores and a handy store finder tool to help you find one near you!

At Home Patriotic Decor

You can get a feel for what At Home has to offer by visiting their website. For stuff like this though you really want to see everything because the pieces are amazing and I’m not sure the photos do them justice.

To help us get a feel for the company’s work we were sent a few pieces (just in time for the summer holidays!!!). As soon as I opened the boxes I was excited. I could feel the Independence Day spirit pouring in. Or maybe it was the upcoming change of interior scenery… either way, it felt amazing!

At Home Patriotic Decor

These are pieces you want to show off and have front and center for the holidays.

These are pieces people will comment on and beg to know where you got them.

These are pieces that are affordable and well-made!

At Home Patriotic Decorations

The Canvas American Flag Chest is my favorite piece. It can be used year-round to hold trinkets or anything else. It is pretty durable to be so light-weight which makes me like it even more. It opens and closes without creaking or overlapping. It fits in with any other patriotic decor or stands out on its own.

At Home Patriotic DecorationsThe Decorative Wooden “Fireworks” are super neat and when you have more than one become an adorable focal point. These are made for indoor use but they are so, so, so cute outside by a bench or on a porch. I do bring them in at night so weather and nocturnal critters don’t mess them up. The metallic ‘fuses’ on top add some whimsy to an already fun set of decor.

At Home Patriotic Decor

I couldn’t help but check out the entire selection over at the At Home website. It’s amazing and the prices are practical. It truly is the decor superstore! Oh, and they have sales!

That means you can get a head start on the upcoming holidays and save a ton of money. There is more than just holiday decor.

They have everything you could want to update the look and feel of your home at a price that won’t drain your savings. If you can’t tell, I 100% approve of At Home!!


Patriotic Nail Art Tutorial

Patriotic Nail Art Tutorial

The 4th of July is quickly coming and this Patriotic Nail Art tutorial will be perfect for your day and evening out! You shouldn’t have a problem finding the specific colors and tools at your local Walmart, CVS, Walgreen, etc..

Patriotic Nail Art

What you need:

  • Red nail polish
  • Blue nail polish
  • White nail art polish
  • Black nail art polish
  • Silver sparkle nail art polish
  • Nail art dotting tool



Patriotic Nail Art Tutorial

Paint every other nail two coats of blue or red. (For this tutorial, the thumb, middle and pinky fingers are red and the pointer and ring fingers are blue.) Let dry.



Patriotic Nail Art Thumb

Starting from the nail tip, use the dotting tool to make a row of blue dots. Make the next row white. Make the rest of the rows blue.



Patriotic Nail Art Pointer

Paint the tip of the nail with the silver sparkles. Let dry a bit then go over where you ended the sparkles with a line of white. Let it dry again for a few minutes. Using your dotting tool, go over the white line with red dots.



Patriotic Nail Art Middle Finger

Paint a rectangle in the corner using the white. Let dry a bit then line around it with black. Draw lines for the flag’s stripes. Using the dotting tool, make blue dots where the stars would go on a flag.



Patriotic Nail Art Ring Finger

Using the white, freehand draw a star and color it in. Let dry for a few minutes. Go over the edges of the star with the silver sparkles.



Patriotic Nail Art Pinky

Paint the tip of the nail blue and let dry. Make stripes with the white and let dry. Add a line of silver sparkles where the blue and red meet.

Patriotic Nail Art Tutorial

If desired, add a clear coat of polish to nails after they have dried. Enjoy your gorgeous Patriotic Nail Art and show it off with pride!


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Patriotic Nail Art Tutorial