Fall Fashion with Anatomie – Travel in Style

Now that it is time to pack up the crop tops and break out the jackets it is also time to prepare our fall wardrobes. I was recently introduced to a new clothing company known as Anatomie. They make travel clothes for women that are stylish and comfortable.

Maybe you’ve heard of them? Anatomie sent out a pair of their Skyler Skinny pants in navy to help us find inspiration for some fun fall fashions. The color wasn’t very inspiring so I thought showing off the waist would be a good start. I adore the double button flaps  Here’s what we came up with.

Fall Fashion with Anatomie


I’ve put together four outfits, each with a different style. The first outfit is casual, modest attire. The sweeping earrings lighten the mood a little while the shoes contrast just enough to take away any drabness from the otherwise neutral color palette.

The second outfit has a more wild child appeal. A gold waterfall jacket adds some glamour to the leather bound jacket and neutral halter top. A comfy pair of combat boots ties the outfit together for a look that is comfortable and speaks for itself.

The third outfit carries over the summertime crop top with a long sleeve. The tiered necklace is perfect for quick accessorizing.  The shoes go perfectly with the outfit and if nothing else grounds it.

I like to consider the fourth outfit Boho chic. It’s comfortable yet looks thrown together which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to seem like they put tons of time and/or thought into their wardrobe. I love the pop of color the shoes give the otherwise nature inspired color palette.

Fall Fashion with Anatomie

I put together each outfit above with travel in mind. I can see every one of these outfits being comfortable while flying, riding or travelling through the space time continuum. The pants are comfortable and don’t lose shape during the day. That’s super important when you are dressing for travel – you don’t want to take on a sloppy look midway through your journey!

If you’re looking for comfortable travel attire then definitely check out Anatomie. Their prices are a little on the high side but you are paying for quality and luxury, keep that in mind! You can also connect with Anatomie on their social media channels where you may find some great deals, fashion news and more.