4 Tips to Start Getting Organized

I like to think of the new year as a new beginning. You know – out with the old, in with the new. Over the course of a year a lot of things can start to accumulate. Maybe you have a special drawer, cabinet, or even room that the accumulation gravitates towards.

… I had all of the above

4 Tips to Start Getting OrganizedI went on a major cleaning spree to declutter and start getting organized for 2015. I focused on 3 areas – the junk drawer, the junk cabinet, and the office (which had been turned into the junk room). The repeating element seemed to be junk. If I am calling it that then I definitely don’t need it, right? That is my way of thinking and it has been that way for a while – I just don’t always stick to it. This year I am determined to set expectations and stick with them to get and stay organized. Here are 4 tips I think will help you since they worked really well for me.

Get Organized Tip #1: Set reasonable expectations. Reasonable has a different meaning for everyone so decide what is realistically within your reach and set a goal to meet or slightly exceed that. Don’t plan to have everything tip top and perfect instantly unless you have a fairy godmother that you aren’t sharing.

Get Organized Tip #2: Get Help. Everyone can use some help from time to time, even you super moms with eight arms. Whether it is wrangling up the kiddos or your closest friends getting organized is achieved quicker and easier with help.

When you are getting help with organization be sure everyone is on the same page. Be prepared to explain and correct things as needed without biting someone’s head off. If you can’t find others to help don’t stress it’s not necessary, just helpful.

Get Organized Tip #3: Make it Entertaining. There is nothing worse than going into an organization project dreading it. Sure it is probably not going to be fun sorting through dozens of trinkets, piles of silverware, or cans of soup. You can make it much more tolerable by playing your favorite music and taking breaks to dance, relax, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

There is no rule that says you have to go, go, go without having any fun. Feel free to get silly and make impromptu snowmen from old golf balls or butterflies from paper clips.

Get Organized Tip #4: Get rid of stuff. I can’t tell you how many identical utensils I had because there were so many. A general rule I stick to when downgrading my things is if I haven’t used it in the past 2 months it needs to go. I keep boxes on hand when I’m organizing to easily catch donation worthy items. Otherwise they go in the trash.

These four tips should help you get started on your organizing journey. If you have another tip to share please do so in the comments, we’d love to read them!

#Review – Organizing with United Solutions

Is it just me or do other people suffer from stuff-itis? You know that thing where no matter how much you try to downsize you find yourself with an abundance of stuff. I can’t seem to keep things from accumulating in my home, and it’s usually random things like makeup, papers and the likes. It makes it very stressful when I get a call or text from someone who is minutes away from my front door.

Lucky for me I received 3 helpful products from United Solutions to review and they are definitely making life easier. And my house more presentable – even at the last minute!

Rough & Rugged Rope Handled Tub

The first thing I received is their Rough & Rugged Rope Handled Tub.

This has saved me on so many occasions, like the most recent where the appraiser came in to take pictures and it looked like a tornado went through the living room. It’s a great size, 19 gallons, so it holds anything I toss in it. The rope handles make it super easy to carry no matter what I put in it.

Uses for the Rough & Rugged Rope Handled Tub:

  • Toy/Game storage
  • Icing down beverages
  • Holding donation items
  • Receptacle for spot clean-ups
  • Road trip storage
  • Bathing pets

So far it seems pretty durable and it’s made from heavyweight material. I wish it was available in more colors as right now they seem to only offer primary red and blue.

Multi-Purpose Utility Tote Caddy

Next up from United Solutions is their Multi-Purpose Utility Tote Caddy. So this is totally awesome and around $9.00. I can’t stress enough how I love multi-purpose use products since they save so much space. This can be used in so many scenarios

Uses for the Multi-Purpose Utility Tote Caddy

  • Create a play tool box for the kiddos (link & instructions coming soon)
  • Get organized for your road trip (link & instructions coming soon)
  • Store your cleaning products to make going from room to room easier
  • Organize your makeup or jewelry
  • Carry nail polish
  • File important papers
  • soooo much more…

These are durable, cheap and handy – what more can I say besides invest in them.

Hands Free Laundry ToteFinally from United Solutions is the Hands Free Laundry Tote. It’s a 1.5 bushel tote with a sturdy strap attached to  make getting the laundry to its destination a breeze. It is made with LDPE resin which helps keep it flexible yet durable.

The Hands Free Laundry Tote lets you carry up to 25 pounds while keeping your hands free to juggle the phone, kids, papers – pretty much anything. There’s even a label so you can easily assign laundry (or whatever you use it for) to anyone/anything. You can get these for around $20.00 each.

Uses for the Hands Free Laundry Tote

  • Carrying laundry
  • Carrying produce
  • Beach carry-all
  • Toy storage

Overall Opinion of United Solutions

3 products, several uses. I can’t think of a downside to anything from United Solutions. Their prices are spot on, if not cheaper than alternatives and the quality is way above average. I’m happy with what I have now and can’t wait to add to the collection. If you’re looking for storage & organization products that  are affordable, multi-functional and durable then United Solutions is the way to go.

Three by Three Seattle Magnetic Dry Erase Board Review + Giveaway


I’m probably the most forgetful person I know. I’m the worst person to ask to remind you of something yet people keep trying to get me to do just that. It doesn’t matter if you ask me to remind you in 5 days or 5 minutes, 9 times out of 10 the reminder will get lost in the twisting nether that is my short term memory. It’s because of this I choose to write everything down. I used to use web based applications to remind me of things, but I always forget to check them… That makes them pretty moot.
Three by Three Seattle Magnetic Dry Erase Board (2)

Enter the magnetic stainless dry·erase board from Three by Three Seattle

It’s easy to use a pen and paper to write down an appointment or grocery list. It’s also easy to lose those papers and the information you wrote down as well. That’s where having a dry erase board comes in handy. It’s even better when that dry erase board is attractive and multi-functional. I just love anything that serves multiple purposes!

This magnetic dry erase board comes with 2 round magnets to easily hold appointment cards, shopping lists, photos or other papers. It has a stylishly sleek design which is great for adding a modernly chic touch to any decor scheme.

Three by Three Seattle Magnetic Dry Erase Board (1)

If I were to do anything different with this magnetic dry erase board it would be to install a magnet on the back so it could be placed on the fridge or other magnetic surface. As it is now the board needs to be mounted (with the included hardware) which could cause issues when you’re renting. If drilling new holes isn’t an issue than this is perfect.

Three by Three Seattle has many great solutions for home organization and storage so be sure to check out their website. You can also connect with them on their social media channels.

Three by Three Seattle Links of Interest:

Three by Three Seattle Magnetic Dry Erase Board

I happen to have an extra Magnetic Stainless Dry Erase board to give to one of my lucky readers! Just use the giveaway form below to enter.

If the giveaway form is not loading you can find a working version here: https://gleam.io/Hovii/three-by-three-seattle-

Three by Three Seattle

4 Bathroom Solutions – Jazz up the Throne Room + Giveaway

Do you ever look at your bathroom and wish you could wave a wand and have it look just the way you see it in your head? That’s a lingering wish in my world and I’m still waiting… In the meantime I’ve settled for a few basic bathroom solutions to jazz up the bathroom. It’s actually easier than you may think to get a bathroom you love. Take a look at my solutions below and be sure to leave a comment with your own.

Bathroom Solutions #0: Get Turkish Towels

Ditch the old, ragged towels and opt for new and matching ones instead. You can use the old towels for cleaning, absorbing spills, etc.. There’s no use in throwing them away when  you can recycle them even if it is later.

Turkish towels are the way to get spruce up your bathroom and home. They’re clean, very soft and make for GREAT gifts for parents and relatives.  Loombrand is where I get my turkish towels.

Bathroom Solutions #1: Utilize and/or Create Storage


Regardless of the size of your bathroom, utilizing or creating storage options is the first step in making it fabulous. If you don’t currently have many, if any, storage options check into an over the toilet rack. At the very least consider hanging towel bars and installing a cabinet system.

If you do have storage, use it and keep it organized. Towels, linens, paper goods, hygiene items etc.. can and should be stored out of site and out of mind. The Over the Cabinet Basket from Spectrum is a great way to create hidden storage options. It is especially nice since there is no installation required.


Bathroom Solutions #2: Out with the Old…


Bathroom Solutions#3: Accessorize

Honeycomb ceramic bath accessories

It has always amazed me how a few basic accessories could completely change a room. When it comes to bathroom accessories a few essential accessories are:

  • Toothbrush holder
  • Soap dispenser
  • Soap dish
  • Tumbler

Spectrum Honeycomb ceramic bath accessories

I’m in love with the Honeycomb ceramic bath accessories by Spectrum. Not only are they functional, but the simple pattern and neutral color make them ideal for any bathroom. Even better, you can get the 4 piece set for under $30!

Spectrum Honeycomb ceramic bath accessories

Bathroom Solutions #4: Add a Splash of Color

You don’t need to slap paint on the walls to add a splash of color to your bathroom. Simply adding vibrant towels and accessories could do the trick just as easily. I find having attractive hand towels hanging on the towel bars is a great way to jazz up the bathroom quickly.

Another option to add a splash of color is to change your shower curtain to something more attractive. If you’re feeling handy a bright and playful wall border could be just what your bathroom is missing.

I love Spectrum as a resource for jazzing up the bathroom and kitchen. They have so many great products available that are sure to put a smile on your face and get you organized. To help you along we’re giving away the 4 piece ceramic bath Honeycomb set and the Over the Cabinet Basket from Spectrum! Just use the form below to enter and be sure to connect with Spectrum and check out all of their wonderful products.

If the giveaway form is not loading, you can find a working version here: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/c6f59941223/

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spectrum Links of Interest


FHE Apple Green Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman Review + Giveaway

Untitled1One of my least favorite things about my home is my furniture. Primarily because it was picked out by my ex just months before he left me (after 8 years.) I’m looking forward to the day where I get new furniture and can burn this. Until that time comes I’m stuck and have to find ways to work around it.

There is absolutely nothing attractive about my furniture. It’s black fabric on faux leather. It’s dark and drab and brings the rooms ambiance down. I was definitely in need of something to brighten the room and that’s what I got with the Apple Green Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman from FHE.

apple green storage ottoman

The package that the ottoman arrived in was thin so I was not sure what to expect. When I opened the box I saw a flat gift box like structure. I was a little worried.

apple green storage ottoman

The packaging claimed that the foldable storage ottoman assembled in 3 easy steps but I was expecting more of a hassle. Thankfully I was wrong and setting up the ottoman was pretty simple. We only had an issue when trying to determine which end the insert went into.

I think we got it right.

I was very pleased with the color coordination of the apple green storage ottoman and my current furniture. Apple green and black go very well together and the ottoman actually helps brighten the room.

FHE Apple Green Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman

Aside from the aesthetics (the fabric color is very bright and vibrant) the ottoman is actually very sturdy. I’ve sat on it and felt no give or any sign of buckling. I’m not a small person so that is a big feat.

What sets this apart from other ottomans is its storage capability. It folds up quickly – just remove the insert and collapse it. It’s thin enough when folded to fit under my furniture or even in a suitcase. I think this would be a great alternative to lawn chairs when you’re travelling with limited space.

FHE Apple Green Microsuede Folding Ottoman

I would highly recommend this ottoman. I’m pleased with it and if you have limited space and need a little extra storage this is a great solution. It can easily hold books, magazines, odds & ends etc.. which makes it perfect for last minute clean ups. You know, like when your parents call to tell you they’re in town and stopping by in 3 minutes. We all know how moms can nitpick at every imperfection and having clutter around just gives her fuel for the fire. This ottoman is great for keeping the nagging at a minimum!

FHE Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman

For the price tag ($29.99), these folding storage ottoman’s a great value. They’re made with quality, serve multiple purposes (comfort, seating and storage) and come in a variety of colors.

You can get this folding storage ottoman on Amazon and be sure to check out all of the other products from FHE. You can find a list of all participating FHE retailers here.

One of you will also be getting your own Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman from FHE! Just enter to win using the form below.

If the giveaway form is not loading, you can find a working version here: https://gleam.io/qz6e8/microsuede-folding-storage-ottoman-from-fhe

Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman from FHE