NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review

Now that Tess is gone (she moved back home, sadface) there’s not as much wine drinking going on in the house. That’s not to say there isn’t other alcohol consumption happening or that the occasional cork being popped. Instead of having bottles scared in the fridge and countertops I can now store them in the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. I received the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler for review so now I’m going to tell you more about it.

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Features

  • The cooler is 19.00″ tall, 19.50″ wide, 14.00″ long, and it weighs 26 pounds
  • It has three slide-out shelves that hold 12 bottles of wine
  • It uses single zone, thermoelectric cooling which makes it silent
  • There is an illuminating interior LED light (blue)
  • Built-in digital temperature control

What I Like

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review
Aside from the functionality, my favorite feature is the illuminating interior LED light. It’s a gorgeous blue color that bounces off the metal inside to create a wonderful effect.  I love using it as a nightlight and making sure the light is on when I have company.

I also appreciate the size of the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. It’s big enough to hold an ample number of bottles (12) while still being able to sit on a counter top or table. I actually turned my island into a beverage bar because of this.

I’m absolutely loving the luxurious design of the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. It brings flair into any room and is a great conversation starter. Everyone who goes into my kitchen now comments on the wine cooler.NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review

A huge bonus is that this is not specific to wine. Sure, it is a wine cooler but I have been putting other bottles inside and it works wonders. It really helps to have my alcohol at the perfect temperature without having to crowd the refrigerator.

What I Don’t Like

There is absolutely nothing I don’t like about the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. It’s quiet, it’s attractive and it’s affordable. It can hold most bottles that are up to 750ml and the bottom rack is removable for thicker bottles.

Final Thoughts

I think the fact that I cannot find anything negative to mention speaks for itself. I’m absolutely in love. I really like showing it off when people come over! I’m storing my liquors, wine and coffee creamer in the wine cooler and still have room to grow my collection. It really is a well rounded product since it’s not specific to holding wine bottles.

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review

The fact that it is whisper quiet really puts a smile on my face. I also really like the digital display; it’s great for knowing exactly what temperature the beverages will be. Being able to easily set the temperature is a great bonus as well.

If you are looking for a beverage cooling solution then definitely check out the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. The wine cooler is under $200 which is a great bargain in my opinion.

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