Box Review: Mystery Box Shop

UntitledI love surprises, that’s why I love the Mystery Box Shop. They send out boxes with completely random contents. This box showed up at my door and I was so excited to check it out. Let’s look at what’s inside:

Subscription Box Review: Mystery Box ShopWhen I say random I do mean random! The contents of The Mystery Box boxes come from estates sales, auctions and other places. It’s like Christmas morning when you open up one of these – you never know what you’re going to get.

Everything in the box is unique and awesome and so totally random. I love it! Comic books, Star Trek action figure… a Potato Gun! Seriously – a potato gun haha – how fun is that?!

Then there are the little things like the random foreign coins, a cute Easter decoration, pogs (remember those?!) and little trinkets. There was even a 14k gold chain in the box.  There’s also old comics in the box that are in protective cases.

Box Review: Mystery Box ShopI was so happy to see the X-Files I Want to Believe movie in the box. I’ve never seen it but have been on a Netflix X-Files spree and I am obsessed with the show. There was also a wooden pen and an old lock and key in the box. Box Review: Mystery Box Shop

The box doesn’t just contain little trinkets and odds & ends. There was a Jawbone NoiseAssassin in the box. Do you know how awesome that is? Even more so since I dropped my phone and can’t hear out of it!

Subscription Box Review: Mystery Box ShopI can’t begin to tell you the value of the boxes contents but I do know it far surpasses the $49 (with shipping) price tag. The Jawbone alone was close to that if not more. The Mystery Box Shop even offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your box they’ll give you your money back – but what’s not to be happy with?

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I recommend the Mystery Box Shop to anyone who loves surprises. For me it’s perfect because I’m a dork at heart and this box made me all kinds of giddy inside. You have to get a Mystery Box for yourself!