V76 by Vaughn Review

Hey ladies, have you ever been jealous over how easy men seem to have it? I swear it is like they can roll out of bed and look as good as they will all day. That alone is a key frustration regarding men for me. But it isn’t always that easy and sometimes men need to primp too. Luckily they have companies like V76 by Vaughn to help them become the sexy beasts we know and love.

V76 by Vaughn sent us a couple of their products to test out and see how they will fare for the men on our shopping lists this holiday.

V76 by Vaughn

The smells with the Clean Shave Hydrating Gel Cream and Energy Body Wash are amazing. They are clean with a sporty like aroma that I would be happy to smell anytime. For some people it is the eyes. For others it is a warm, inviting smile. What catches my attention is smell. I love a man that smells clean and sporty; minus the nasty sweat smell of course. That is what I imagine a man that uses the V76 by Vaughn products would smell like.

V76 by Vaughn has several products designed to allow men to get close, smooth shaves without drying the skin. I think it is super sexy when a man puts effort into his look and V76 by Vaughn makes it easy. Their website offers several tips for the perfect shave which may be extremely helpful to the younger crowd.


If you are shopping for the  men in your life this season then be sure to keep V76 by Vaughn in mind. With the vast array of products available every man in your life will be thrilled, even if they are too manly to admit it. They have great prices so head over and check out their gift suggestions while you are doing your shopping.

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