How to Help your Guy Achieve the Preppy Look

Preppy clothing is a bi-product of the classic preppy lifestyle that is associated with having a private school education and living a higher class lifestyle. However, the fashion world has adopted the clean-cut, simplistic styles of preppy fashion and made it achievable for everyone.

There is a certain level of strength and confident that permeates from within when you wear quality pieces of preppy clothing, and that is what makes the style so appealing and timeless. While you girls can effortlessly adapt to almost any style, the guys in your life might need a little help, below are a few tips that should help him out.

preppy look for men

How to Help your Guy Achieve the Preppy Look:

  • Wear the right clothing: The staples of preppy clothing include button-ups, polos, monogram sweaters, madras, nautical-themed pieces, khakis, primary colors and pastel tones such as sky blue, light yellow, peach and soft green. The preppy staple accessories include boat shoes, leather flip flops, simple needlepoint belts, sun visors and classic watches. Doing a through web search  will give you some inspiration on the types of pieces you need.
  • Get a hair cut: The preppy look goes way beyond the clothing. Your appearance should read preppy as well, or you can risk the chance of being labeled a “wannabe”. Preppy is the opposite of flashy, so that means no spiky hair or weird designs – just clean and simple short haircut with minimal product, and clean shaven facial hair.
  • You got to smell good: Stay away from over-powering, cheap smelling colognes, instead, choose a scent that offers a light, breezy fragrance, and one that lasts all day. Additionally, you should choose subtle smelling soaps, lotions, and deodorants.
  • Own your new look: The trick to pulling off the preppy look is to own it. Wear the clothing with confidence, as if the style was created just for you. If you feel uncomfortable and pretentious wearing prep clothing, then the style may not be a right choice for you.

Updating your wardrobe with the kinds of eclectic West Coast prep styles found on and rocking the wears with confidence are the basic ingredients to achieving a solid preppy look. But I must warn you, once you start dressing like a prep you are going to want to live like a prep (without the large cost associated, of course). It may not happen all at once but gradually you may start to watch preppy-ish movies and read preppy books.

preppy look for menAnd you may even want to adopt a playful Labrador retriever and convince your family to vacation at places like Cape Code, Portugal and Martha’s Vineyard. Regardless of how far you take the preppy look, the main benefit of modernizing your wardrobe is that you look and feel confident rocking the style and lifestyle. Stay pretty close to the tips above and you will be dominating the preppy look in no time.