Say it with Tees: Five Finger Tees Review

Say it with Tees: Five Finger Tees Review

UntitledWhen shopping online you never really know what you’re going to get, or when it’s going to get to you. When shopping with Five Finger Tees you’ll get quality tee’s in a timely fashion. That was my experience when I found this awesome shirt for Jonathan. Fiver Finger Tees ReviewThis shirt stood out to me for a few reasons. The first being the obvious AC/DC reference. Love it!

Another reason was the Irish wording. Not only is it unique, but it fits Jonathan’s personality to a tee (pun intended). He’s so proud of his Irish heritage (he has tons of tattoos to prove it) and this shirt looks great on him. I especially love the deep green color, I think it looks really good on him.

Did I mention their tees are only $9.99?!

Holy money saver Batman!

The fit of the Irish Tee from Fiver Finger Tees is perfect. The logo is placed in the perfect spot as opposed to being too high or too low like some other clothes.

Fiver Finger Tees ReviewI loved how much fun he was having wearing the tee. He wasn’t hesitant at all to model it for me and he wasn’t dying to get out of it afterwards either. To me that’s saying a lot.

Five Finger Tee’s has tons of tee designs so there’s going to be a shirt for everyone. The shipping is always free when you spend $50 so stock up on awesome tee’s like these:

Five Finger Tees ReviewYou can use their handy search function to find the perfect shirt for your or as a gift. They have everything from funny to cult classics. So what are you waiting for? Go check out Five Finger Tees and be sure you’re connected with them on their social media channels:

Sunfrog Shirts: My Review

Sunfrog Shirts: My Review

I’m sure you’ve seen all the humorous statement tees available online. Maybe you’ve passed someone in the store who had a shirt that said exactly what you were feeling. Do you ever wonder where those shirts come from?

I’m sure there are tons of places but my favorite so far is Sunfrog Shirts. They have such a unique collection of tee’s and sweatshirts that you’re bound to find one or more that says what you feel and/or think. The ordering and shipping process if fantastic too! Well, choosing shirts may be a little harder since there are so many but if you know what you’re looking for the search function really comes in handy.

Sunfrog Review

I drink Wine so I don’t punch people in the throat – sunfrog t-shirt

I used the search function to search for “Irish” inspired shirts on the Sunfrog Shirts website. My gentleman friend, Jonathan, is very proud of his Irish heritage and I was amazed by the number of Irish themed shirts available. I’ve been calling him my Lucky Charm for a while now and when I saw the Lucky Charm shirt I knew it was made for him.

See what I mean about the shirts saying what you want to say?!

Just for giggles, I decided to search for “Sasquatch” as well. Jonathan is a big Big Foot fan and he’ll argue with anyone that he’s out there. When I saw the “Gone Squatchin” shirt I couldn’t help but laugh. I just knew he would love it and be proud to show it off. Since he loves hoodies and wears them year round I went with that option for the “Gone Squatchin” shirt. How cool is it that you can get it in a tee or hoodie?! The shirts arrived quickly and in such great condition. There were no smells that some packages arrive with (I detest those.) It was simple packaging which I like, especially since I don’t currently have trash pickup. Jonathan was so happy to try them on and model for me.

Both shirts are quality made, super soft and according to Jonathan, comfortable. I love how the tee’s are available in a range of sizes, Small up to 3x. They’re also super affordable, starting at just $19.99. You can use the search feature or the easy to navigate shirts category menu on the left side of the page. They’ve made shopping simple so all you have to do is choose your shirts!

I run because I really like cookies – sunfrog tshirt


Check out Sunfrog Shirts today and be sure to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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