Is DC Making a Come Back? Marvel vs. DC – Who Rules the Screen

Is DC Making a Come Back? Marvel vs. DC – Who Rules the Screen

With the awesomeness of The Avengers and Spiderman movies Marvel seems to have the comic-based scene on lock-down. Or do they?

For the longest time DC has been focusing on 2 characters – Superman and Batman. With a {very} few exceptions the movies and TV shows based on these characters were just respun, over and over again. All this while Marvel inspired media is pouring out steadily. The Fantastic Four, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman (of course), X-Men…

Batman Superman Facts

all while DC’s over in the other corner with Superman and Batman on repeat like a Nick at Night marathon.

But times, they are a changing and it looks like for the better.

With a slew of hit TV shows and {sure to be} box office hits in the mix DC is making a strong comeback. But is it enough to make Marvel see DC as competition?

Marvel versus DC Universe

Here is some of what DC has going on now:

Arrow: Action filled CW drama with a gorgeous cast, great plot lines, and emotional twists and turns at every corner. CW
Flash: A lighter side of vigilantism with a slightly quirky cast, with the occasional Arrow crossover. CW
Gotham: A refreshingly new twist on one of our favorite comic book cities. These are pre-batman days (although little Bruce Wayne is a co-star) focusing more on the inner-workings of Jim Gordon. FOX
Supergirl: Another refreshingly new twist on one of the most well-known super heroes to date: Superman. While you won’t see the Man of Steel leap buildings in a single bound, his cousin Kara is keeping the family legacy alive. CW
iZombie: Yes – it’s DC based, I promise! You don’t have your typical superhero cameo with this show, however you can’t help but fall in love with the lovely, yet undead Liv. CW

There’s also Legends of Tomorrow and Lucifer, but I haven’t started on those yet.

Even bigger news still, and what I’m most excited about, is the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Your favorite DC villains joining together to ironically fight crime. Take a peek at the trailer and maybe you’ll understand why Harley Quinn is my idol!

What do you think, is DC on par with Marvel or will Marvel always win out?