Always Use Protection – Carmex


Summer is here in full swing and it is time to start thinking about skin care and making sure you have all the summer essentials to keep your skin looking beautiful. As glorious as the sun may feel on your skin, it can do a great deal of damage. First things first, you want to be sure to keep your skin hydrated and protected.

This includes your lips.

Carmex Moisture Plus

Many of us forget about our lips health during summer. This can prove to be disastrous. Just as your skin can age prematurely and begin to wrinkle, so can your lips. In addition, continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays can potentially lead to skin cancer.

Yes, this can occur on your lips.

Skin cancer on the lips is actually not that uncommon. Talk about scary, right?! How  many times have you exposed your lips without protecting them first? Don’t worry, I’m guilty of this too; I think we all have at some point.


Luckily, Carmex has the solution in the form of their moisturizing lip balms plus SPF 15. Carmex lip balms will not only protect your lips from the sun, but they are filled with moisturizing Shea butter and vitamin E. Carmex lip balms come in attractive designs and even have a nice tint to them, which is great because you can skip the harsh lipsticks.

Carmex Lip Protection

Carmex did not forget about your skin either. They have a line of healing lotions and creams to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful right through the harshest of summers. So, this summer while getting all your summer essentials such as tanning lotions, sun blockers, and a new swimsuit, make sure you don’t forget you lip care.

With it’s vast array of positives, I think it’s only fitting that Carmex makes it to our summer essentials list. You can find Carmex Moisture Plus at many of your local retailers. Get a complete list of where to find Carmex here.