Ergo Chef Crimson Knife Series Review

I got an amazing e-mail yesterday; it was an invite to attend Paula Deen LIVE in Charlotte! I’ll also be attending the after party and keeping my fingers crossed for a photo op. On top of that I also get to attend the Brad Paisley concert in Virginia Beach, VA on September 18th.

Oh, did I forget to mention there will be a meet & greet? Oh yea, y’all! Okay -my country is showing.

Ergo Chef Crimson Series Knives

A random photo of my chicken & dumplings ūüôā

Then¬†on September 26th we’ll be taking a girls only road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.

I have such a full schedule but wouldn’t trade a second of it, especially after the way this month started out for me. I won’t go into details but it has been¬†far from fun. I definitely needed these fabulous opportunities to reassure me that it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Speaking of which, this song is amazing!


What I’m listening to:

Another tidbit of awesomeness? These awesome Ergo Chef Crimson Series Knives (received for review). I decided to channel my inner Paula and fix Chicken & Dumplings for dinner and these knives were just what I needed.

Ergo Chef Crimson Series Knives

I used the 3.5″ paring knife to slice mushrooms and cut out the dumplings.


Precision cuts made the dumplings perfect!

I used the 7″ Nakiri knife to slice the chicken after I had cooked it for a little while. I didn’t have to do any¬†sawing¬†or¬†hacking; the Nakiri knife did a wonderful job. It cut smoothly and effortlessly.

Ergo Chef Crimson Series Knives

Both knives cut like butter and came packaged in cute boxes.

I can see these knives making a wonderful gift for anyone. The long boxes resemble jewelry cases so be careful with that, don’t want to get too many hopes up. Well, these¬†are¬†all kinds of awesome so there may be no disappointment. In fact I would take these knives over some of the jewelry I’ve received any day.

Interesting Facts about the Ergo Chef Crimson Knives Series


If you’re looking for a knife set that won’t disappoint I can highly recommend the Crimson series. Check it out on the Ergo Chef website and connect with Ergo Chef through the links below.