1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent Review

UntitledDo your kids love to hide, build forts in the living room and play in tents? I think most kids do and I did as a child. There was just something incredible about having my own space where no one else was invited – especially adults. The Monster Factory has something incredibly awesome to fit the play needs of children everywhere and instill a bit of nostalgia in parents. It’s the 1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent and I want to tell you about our experience with it.

1965 VW Camper Van Play TentWhen the 1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent arrived I was ready to see how easy it was to set up. It’s always taken me a while to set up any tent and I was expecting at least 15 – 20 minutes of setup for the 1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent. Thankfully I was in for a great surprise. The tent popped right up when I took it out of the carrying case. All I had to do was insert the 4 poles that were included. It took maybe 3 minutes from start to finish.

1965 VW Camper Van Play TentOnce it was set up Kaylee was ready to explore the new tent. She jumped inside, crawled around and asked Hector to come play with her.

1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent

He wasn’t feeling up to it though.

1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent (2)Of course it was right after nap time and the thought of big sis calling the shots didn’t appeal to Hector. Kaylee didn’t let that stop her from having a blast in the 1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent. She was a driver,a passenger and even invited us in to play with her. I will note there is not a lot of adult wiggle room inside the play tent!

http---simplebeautifullife.net-I love how easy the setup is and that both kids are enjoying playing inside. It can be taken anywhere, used anywhere and enjoyed anywhere. We’re just waiting for the perfect day to head to the beach. I just know they’ll love playing inside and hiding from the sun. The only issue I’ve had with the tent is getting it back in the little bag. I have very little patience so trying to fold it perfectly just doesn’t happen easily. When I do take my time it goes right back in though!

1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent


If you’re looking for something special for the kids this Spring/Summer then  you’ll definitely want to check out the 1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent from The Monster Factory. They have some other great things too. You can also connect with The Monster Factory on Facebook.