Feel Foxy – Butt Lifting Jeans Review

Feel Foxy – Butt Lifting Jeans Review


Alright ladies, we all know what a toll gravity plays on our bodies as we get older. It’s inevitable – even spending hours in the gym only does so much. For us single ladies (and many attached) it’s frustrating to see what was once perky starting to droop and sag. Feel Foxy understands our desires to pick those parts back up and I want to tell you about their butt lifting jeans!

Feel Foxy Butt Lifting Jeans

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but back in the day my backside was my favorite physical feature. Seriously, Kim Kardashian who?! These days, not so much.

Then along came Feel Foxy and their butt lifting jeans

Not only are they lifting my spirits, but their butt lifting jeans are lifting backside too. Ladies, let me just say wow! I have never worn any jeans specifically for the purpose of raising the bumper if you know what I mean. I didn’t know what to expect. Would it come up to my mid back? Would it just fall flat (okay, pun intended)? So I put them on. No special undies, no special prep work. I just put on the jeans and looked in the mirror.

Feel Foxy Butt Lifting Jeans

There was no butt on my back, nor was it saggy or droopy. It was the butt I remembered from my early twenties. That’s what I’ve been waiting for! But it’s not only the lift that sold me on these butt lifting jeans.

The butt lifting jeans fit is fantastic.

It’s hard for me to find jeans that fit without gaping in the back or cutting me in half at the waist. These jeans do neither. They fit perfectly, like they were made just for my body. I don’t need a belt to keep them from gaping in the back. I can bend, twist, turn and jump and the jeans (and my booty) stay in place. I was a little worried since skinny jeans aren’t typically my favorite style, but these – these were made for me.

Feel Foxy Butt Lifting Jeans

Feel Foxy doesn’t discriminate on size either. They offer sizes 0 – 23 in their butt lifting jeans so everyone everywhere can say goodbye to the Saggy Bottom Girls. Did I mention they are super affordable too? Most of Feel Foxy’s Butt Lifting Jeans are priced under $40. Functionality and flair for a bargain. Oh yea!

There is just enough stretch to keep these jeans comfortable all day but the stretch doesn’t wear out mid day. I know you’ve been there; frantically pulling up your pants after 1:00 because they’ve lost their hold. You won’t have that to worry about when you’re wearing these jeans.

I can’t stop raving on these jeans, but I know I need to so you can check them out for yourself! Head over to Feel Foxy and check out what they have in your size and style. Be sure to check out everything else too because they’re all about making you Feel Foxy!

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