What to Wear for Zumba

At first I thought Zumba was a fad; that it would fade away as quickly as it became the IT thing. After years of hearing about it I’ve realized Zumba is here to stay and there are a few reasons for that. The main reason being that it works. I know way too many people that swear by Zumba to think otherwise. To me Zumba is hardcore exercise. If you’re not hurting the next day you didn’t Zumba hard enough. Yea, I don’t think that’s a verb but we’ll pretend for the sake of my backspace button.

Zumba is, first and foremost an exercise. Sexy dance moves come as a bonus. The moves are designed to work muscles you didn’t know you had and to sculpt and define those muscles. You’re going to have some aches if you’re new to Zumba, but like they say – the pain lets you know it’s working.

Zumba Wear 2

Of everything there is to know about Zumba I think the most important is what to wear. Not so much for the fashion forward aspect, but because you want to be comfortable. Zumba apparel is designed for – you guessed it – Zumba. It’s flexible/stretchy so you can move and breathe while the clothing stays in place. No more risk of flashing the instructor or your classmates because your shirt is baggy and rises when you lift your arms. What, I can’t be the only one who has done that!Zumba Wear

The top and jacket we received (for review purposes) are perfect for all things active. The top along with a comfortable sports bra are fine for wearing alone, but pair it with this awesome jacket and you’ll never want to change. Seriously – this jacket is full of surprises that just keep going.

First of all the oversized hood has Grace raving. She has always loved an oversized hood for protecting her hair from the wind and not messing up a pristine hairdo. Then you have the thumbholes. These were a last minute find since the hood has been her focal point. One other goodie in the Zumba jacket is the zippers on the shoulder. You can unzip them – the sleeves don’t come off, there is only a partial opening when you unzip – for a cold shoulder look. That’s great for cooling off a little after a kick-butt workout.

Zumba apparel is affordable, fashion forward, and comfortable. What more could you possibly ask for from your Zumba gear? Grace is extremely happy with both pieces and I think her happiness shines through in her pictures. Head over to the official Zumba website to see all of their Zumba attire. Be sure you are comfortable and fashionable for your next Zumba class. You can keep up and connect with Zumba on the following social media channels: