Nonna Box Review

Nonna Box Review

Spaghetti, lasagna, mostaccioli. Are you suddenly craving pasta, or an impromptu trip to Italy? Sure you may have the iconic Italian grandmother who passed on her authentic recipes, but what about the ingredients? What about those hard to find, sourced right from Italy ingredients? Well, that’s where Nonna Box comes in.

What is Nonna Box?

Nonna Box

Short answer: it is a subscription service for gourmet Italian food.

Nonna Box offers you the chance to get a real taste of Italia without a passport. Nonna Box is a monthly subscription box filled with foodstuffs from various regions of Italy. Each box has 6 full-size, premium and gourmet products. These aren’t products you’re going to find on the shelves of the local grocery store. Instead, they are carefully selected, traditional products that are used throughout the region and sourced from small Italian artisans.

I think it’s a bonus these are hard to come by products.

Nonna Box 4

The box also includes card inserts with regional food history and traditional recipes from real Nonna’s.

My Thoughts on Nonna Box

Nonna Box sent out a box for me to check out and get a feel for. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but for almost $70/month I knew it should be awesome. When the box arrived I eagerly unpacked the contents. The first thing I noticed was the absence of familiar brand names. That was a good sign since I’d rather support smaller businesses over the bigger ones; there’s always a noticeable difference in quality and mission statements.

Here’s what was inside my Nonna Box:

 Nonna Box

Artichoke Spread – Considering Italy is the world’s largest producer of artichokes (fun fact of the day) it seems fitting that this is included in the box. The artichokes used in the spread are from Puglia and produced by De Carlo. De Carlo is one of Puglia’s oldest olive oil mills and dates back to the 1600s.

Sun Kissed Cherry Tomatoes – Packaged tomatoes don’t get much fresher than these. They are organically grown and processed within 24 hours of harvest. The perfect combination of extra virgin olive oil, salt, and spices make these a delightful, right out of the jar treat.

Bella di Cerignola Olives –  First I’d like to mention that these olives carry the DOP status. This certification promises that the olives are locally grown and packaged. The olives are large, and meaty, and have a wonderfully fresh flavor.

Olive Oil Taralli – These are a traditional Italian snack food dating back to the 1400s. Made with simple ingredients (olive oil, flour, wine, and fennel seeds) they are meant to be eaten like popcorn or chips.

Orecchiette di Farina Arsa – These are hand-made (by Pugliese women) pasta shells made from flour, water and salt. They have the most amazing smoky flavor and a wonderful texture.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – I think EVOO is the cornerstone to most, if not all, Italian dishes. This bottle is made with olives from the terra di Bari region and also carries DOP status.

 Nonna Box

The Fine Print

  • Price per box: $69.95
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Commitment: Cancel anytime
  • The contents: 6 artisan products from an Italian region
  • Discounts & Deals: Promotional codes are offered

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