Travel Through Time with IKEA #IKEAtimetravel

This post is sponsored, but my opinions are my own.

Have you ever stopped to think where your life will have led you in the future? What will you be doing in 4 years? 10 years? 20 years? I occasionally find myself wondering and while I’m in no hurry to grow older it would be kind of fun to know.

Popular furniture brand, IKEA, recently performed an experiment using actors and world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz to transport one couple (Jeff and Beth) into their future. This is done through hypnosis as the mysteries of the space-time continuum have yet to be unraveled.


What more fitting setting to stage this experiment than right in an IKEA store?! With the vast selection of furniture and decor any room can be created for anyone, as we see in the video.

The first part of the IKEA hypnosis experiment has Jeff rolling out of bed and popping the question to Beth. I could totally relate to Beth in this part since it was very lackluster. Luckily he mentioned pizza and lactose intolerance and all was right with the world.

Next, further into the future they go and Jeff is tucking his “son” (a participating actor) in for the night when the little one asks that big question.


Where do babies come from?

This scene ends in time for the kids {probable} innocence to remain intact.

Jeff and Beth even get a glimpse into the teenage years as their “son”, another actor, is honing his electric guitar skills. Amplifier included.

One thing remained constant in each leg of the experiment. The incredibly awesome rooms which were reminders of how awesome IKEA is. I love that store and I know my future has a lot of IKEA involved. Watch the video and see for yourself!



What about you? What do you see your future looking like? Is IKEA involved?