Icebug Mist-L RB9X Review

Icebug Mist-L RB9X Review

Icebug Sneaker Review 2

I love fancy shoes as much as the next fashionista, but they aren’t always practical. Like, when I’m running to the store or in a hurry I want a shoe that I can just slip into and go. It helps when they look good, like the Icebug Mist (sent for review purposes). This shoe is stylish (I love the color scheme and the cute little pixellated bug graphic) and intensely comfortable. 
Icebug Sneaker Review

The Icebug Mist-L RB9X is a great solution to my athletic footwear needs. Whether I’m walking, jogging, or full on running my feet don’t bear the brunt of the impact. Is there anything worse than sore feet at the end of the day – with no one to rub them for you?!


It has done a lot of raining here in the suburbs of Chicago which means slippery walking surfaces. This was the perfect chance to confront and challenge the traction on the Icebug Mist shoe.

Well, it wasn’t much of a challenge. I didn’t slip or feel myself slipping once; even when I tried to use the grass as a slip and slide. The soles of these shoes really grip to help you stay balanced and on your feet.

I also want to mention that my feet actually stayed dry while I was performing my tests which surprised me. I thought for sure I would be left with wet socks. 
Icebug Sneaker Review 1

Everything about these shoes screams “Buy me in more colors” and “wear me everywhere”. They are girly, but not too girly which is perfect for when you want to be noticed but not stereotyped. I can highly recommend them for hiking, working out, and running errands. I wear mine quite often and haven’t had a tired foot yet which is a nice change.

Icebug has several styles of footwear to choose from. Each pair is made with quality in mind and made to withstand the environment you wear them in. Be sure to check them out and connect with Icebug on their social media channels.