Bormioli Rocco Glassware Review

Bormioli Rocco never ceases to amaze me. The quality of their glassware is always top notch and when I got my hands on their Bodega Tumblers and Kufra Glass Jug I was so happy. Have I mentioned I love Bormioli Rocco?!

The Bodega Tumblers came in a variety of colors that are just so fitting for summer. Fun, festive and beyond durable. Yes I’ve dropped them. A few times. Don’t judge me!

Banana Egg Custard Bormioli Rocco Glassware Review

I think the Bodega Tumblers are perfect for serving individual desserts, like my Egg Custard Banana Pudding. The multiple colors also make them perfect for helping guests keep tabs on their drinks. No matter what you put in them it’s sure to be a hit thanks to the fun and vibrant colors.

I was surprised just how vibrant the colors of the Bodega Tumblers really are. There’s definitely nothing dull about them. While Bormioli Rocco offers tons of cool shapes and designs for their glassware, I’m especially happy with the simplicity of these.

Bormioli Rocco Glassware

The Kufra Glass Jug is the perfect vessel to serve my favorite summertime treat – iced tea! Seriously – what says summer better than iced tea? The Kufra Glass Jug has an elegant shape, is made with quality in mind and is a wonderful alternative to cheap, plastic pitchers.

I really appreciate the size of the Kufra Glass Jug. It’s not huge, but it’s big enough to hold enough for several glasses to be filled. It comes with an ice container that sits in the jug itself. For me this is genius – you get the benefit of an iced beverage without the watered down effects. Pure Genius!

Bormioli Rocco Glassware Review

The only downside I’ve experience with the Kufra  Glass Jug is it tends to drip. This is easily counteracted by sitting it on a serving tray or an absorbent cloth. What’s really great about the Kufra Glass Jug is that right now it’s less than $10 on Amazon!!!

Both of these products are dishwasher safe (except the plastic components with the Kufra Glass Jug) which makes clean up a snap. If you’re looking for high quality glassware that is attractive and affordable then you need to check out Bormioli Rocco. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Kanata Home Cabin Throw Review

Kanata Home Cabin Throw Review

While Spring is my favorite season there are a few things I absolutely love about winter. Namely being able to curl up in a cozy blanket and watch a blazing fire. There just isn’t much that compares to that for me. Recently we received the amazing Kanata Home Cabin Throw for review. At first glance I was skeptical but then it was true love.

Kanata Home Cabin Throw Review

Grace opened up the package and as soon as I saw the throw I was worried. I thought for sure it was going to be one of those itchy, scratchy – OMG get it off of me throws. That is what it looked like and I got chills when I saw Grace rubbing it on her face. “What the heck is wrong with you?” may have spewed out of my mouth.

“Just touch it” she said – no pun here, I promise.

“I don’t wanna, it looks itchy and scratchy and I just don’t wanna!” I whined.

Kanata Home Cabin Throw Review

Eventually I gave in because, well, I can’t hold out that long with Grace. There was maybe 2 seconds between the first touch and my rubbing it on my face. I just couldn’t believe how soft the throw was. It is one of those things you never want to let go of – I seriously keep it near me at all times.

The Kanata Home Cabin Throw is made from 100% polyester and measures 60″ x 70″. It is an oversized blanket compared to the Kanata standard size of 50″ x 60″. It doesn’t require special laundering since it is machine washable which makes it a great and practical throw. The throw comes in three shades of plaid; red (what we received), blue, and gray.

Kanata Home Cabin Throw Review

There is no way I would ever party with my Cabin Throw which tells me it is the perfect gift. It is perfect for lazy Sundays on the couch or curling up and snuggling with your partner. It looks incredible so it makes a great focal point and the red is perfect for the holidays. The throw retails for $40 which is a great price for this amazing blanket. You can get yours (and some for others because, well it’s too awesome not to) from the Kanata Home website. You can also get your throw embroidered!

Be sure to also connect with Kanata Home on their social media channels

Essentia Natural Memory Foam Pillow Review

Essentia Natural Memory Foam Pillow Review

If you have had any kind of surgery then you know the struggle of post-anesthesia coughing. It’s one of the worst parts of surgery in my opinion and it can be very scary. The fear (and pain) is especially present with surgery involving the torso, where coughing puts strain on the incision site. The slightest post-op throat tickle incites terror in me. My biggest fear is pulling a stitch/staple and opening the incision followed by the thought of getting pneumonia. Definitely not fun.

One of the first things you’re taught after surgery is how to splint your cough. This is firmly (but gently) pulling a pillow onto the incision area before coughing in order to prevent excessive pain or opening your incision. It’s not the most pleasant feeling in the world but it sure beats the alternative; coughing without splinting hurts far worse.

Essentia Pillow

Before my emergency surgery I received a pillow from Essentia Mattress to test out (sent for review purposes). I’m a pillow hoarder so of course I was stoked to get another. I had a few days to test drive the all-natural memory foam pillow at home. It didn’t take me but maybe 4 minutes to actually fall in love with the pillow. As soon as I opened the box and pulled it out I was smitten. The weight alone put a smile on my face – I like my pillows a little on the heavy side. This comes in handy when I have a headache (I put pillows on my head and apply pressure to relieve headaches… don’t judge me!)

What really sold me on this pillow though was how awesome it was while I was in the hospital.

When I came to after the surgery my mom was by my side and asked what I wanted from home. Unlike a planned surgery, emergency surgery usually leaves you with just the gown on your back while you’re admitted. I asked for my phone charger, my laptop, and my pillow. I’m a simple girl 🙂 She came back with everything and suddenly being stuck in the hospital wasn’t so bad. I seriously had everything I needed to make the next few days bearable.

Essentia Pillow Review

The pillow served dual purposes. Not only did it help me sleep comfortably, it was perfect for splinting my coughing. The weight and density were perfect and alleviated so much pain. I tried with the hospital pillows and they just didn’t cut it. The best part was the different nurses coming in to feel the pillow, asking where it came from. They were shocked when I told them it was made from all-natural memory foam; they didn’t realize that was possible.

In fact, not many people realize this is possible which would explain why Essentia Mattress is the only company in the world to offer Natural Memory Foam. That may not seem like a huge deal on the surface, but it really is. For starters, traditional memory foam can contain harmful VOC’s and carry a foul chemical odor.

Another added bonus was the fabric that encased the pillow. It is neutral in color, making it ideal from male and females. The simple striped pattern makes it attractive but not too busy. Even better it is made with unbleached organic cotton that is durable and breathable. The case zips and unzips, making cleaning it a breeze. Essentia pillow unbleached organic cotton case

I’m still loving the pillow and carry it around like Linus with his blanket. It’s just the right amount of thickness for me to sleep like a baby and not have to continuously ‘fluff’ it up. The memory foam is incredible and being a pillow picker (I wiggle my fingers around incessantly) love the way it feels. To say I’m happy with my new Essentia Pillow would be an understatement! I think the only thing better would be one of Essentia’s natural memory foam mattresses!

Here are a few fast facts about the world’s only natural foam mattress:

  • Essentia has patents – unique to Essentia is their natural memory foam, the only one of it’s kind in the world.
  • Full Transparency…like a food label – Essentia shares the ingredients used to make their foam and the VOC report so you can be sure it’s healthy.
  • The most recommended bed in America, BUT NATURAL – all other memory foam mattresses are made from petroleum-based chemicals.
  • No animals were harmed in the making of this mattress – many industry-leading mattresses use a ton of animal bi-products. Essentia does not!
  • Essentia offers a mattress for every budget, starting at $1790 for a queen. Around a 20 years lifespan – probably outlasting any other important purchase like a car!

Essentia Label

Whether you’re in the market for an amazing pillow or an eco-friendly mattress Essentia has you covered. Check out their website and connect with them on social media:

Jazz Up Your Kitchen with Hen House Linens

Products below were received for editorial consideration – all opinions remain my own.

Are you getting bored with your kitchen? Do you need a quick and easy way to spruce it up without going overboard or investing a ton of time and money? Sometimes all it takes is new kitchen linens to take that room from drab to fab. Hen House Linens has a huge selection of gorgeous household linens that come in a variety of colors and patterns. I think that is what makes them so great; regardless of your style preference you’re sure to find something you love.

We received the Filigree Claret cocktail napkins and a latticework aubergine potholder and they are perfect for warming up your kitchen during the cold winter.

Hen House Linens Filigree Claret cocktail napkins

The cocktail napkins are generously sized which makes them great for any situation – parties or dinner. They are sold in sets of six and come tied with a saddle-stitched ribbon. If you’re hosting a get together or just like the idea of hosting then these are a must have. With the abundance of patterns mixing them up is going to be a blast! Especially if you have a quirky side like I do. I’m all about mixing and matching patterns and it’s totally doable with Hen House Linens.

Their potholders are great as well.

Hen House Linens latticework aubergine potholder

Whenever I’m reaching into the oven I have it on hand to help keep my hands protected. Then I use it to keep my table protected! The potholders are lined with heat resistant padding so you won’t burn yourself when taking anything out of the oven. That’s crucial for me; I can’t tell you how many blisters I’ve had because a potholder has failed me. Thankfully I have yet to even feel the heat through this potholder.

Hen House Linens latticework aubergine potholder

I’m extremely happy with everything I have seen from Hen House Linens. Browsing around the Hen House Linens website left me yearning for pretty much everything I saw. They are a great resource for your entertaining needs as well as sprucing up your home. They offer more than just kitchen linens so be sure to browse around. You can also connect with Hen House Linens on their social media channels:

4 Tips to Start Getting Organized

I like to think of the new year as a new beginning. You know – out with the old, in with the new. Over the course of a year a lot of things can start to accumulate. Maybe you have a special drawer, cabinet, or even room that the accumulation gravitates towards.

… I had all of the above

4 Tips to Start Getting OrganizedI went on a major cleaning spree to declutter and start getting organized for 2015. I focused on 3 areas – the junk drawer, the junk cabinet, and the office (which had been turned into the junk room). The repeating element seemed to be junk. If I am calling it that then I definitely don’t need it, right? That is my way of thinking and it has been that way for a while – I just don’t always stick to it. This year I am determined to set expectations and stick with them to get and stay organized. Here are 4 tips I think will help you since they worked really well for me.

Get Organized Tip #1: Set reasonable expectations. Reasonable has a different meaning for everyone so decide what is realistically within your reach and set a goal to meet or slightly exceed that. Don’t plan to have everything tip top and perfect instantly unless you have a fairy godmother that you aren’t sharing.

Get Organized Tip #2: Get Help. Everyone can use some help from time to time, even you super moms with eight arms. Whether it is wrangling up the kiddos or your closest friends getting organized is achieved quicker and easier with help.

When you are getting help with organization be sure everyone is on the same page. Be prepared to explain and correct things as needed without biting someone’s head off. If you can’t find others to help don’t stress it’s not necessary, just helpful.

Get Organized Tip #3: Make it Entertaining. There is nothing worse than going into an organization project dreading it. Sure it is probably not going to be fun sorting through dozens of trinkets, piles of silverware, or cans of soup. You can make it much more tolerable by playing your favorite music and taking breaks to dance, relax, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

There is no rule that says you have to go, go, go without having any fun. Feel free to get silly and make impromptu snowmen from old golf balls or butterflies from paper clips.

Get Organized Tip #4: Get rid of stuff. I can’t tell you how many identical utensils I had because there were so many. A general rule I stick to when downgrading my things is if I haven’t used it in the past 2 months it needs to go. I keep boxes on hand when I’m organizing to easily catch donation worthy items. Otherwise they go in the trash.

These four tips should help you get started on your organizing journey. If you have another tip to share please do so in the comments, we’d love to read them!