Taking Preventative Measures with D-Link

The key to prevention is preparedness. Have you ever heard that? I have heard it a few times throughout my life but it never sank in; at least not until it was too late. I told y’all how I was robbed on Christmas Eve and I could have/should have taken steps beforehand. I have worked diligently to make myself feel safe in my home again. I’d love to share the steps I’m taking so you can get a jump on preparing. I used to be one of those people who say “That won’t happen to me” and I was proven wrong. Tragedies like this can happen to anyone, even you.

One thing I wish I had done sooner is install cameras that would allow me to monitor my home wherever I was. Thankfully D-Link provided us with the D-Link Pan & Tilt Day/Night Network Camera and HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera for this post. Each camera has amazing features that have let me leave my home again without fearing what I’ll come home to. The first D-Link camera I want to talk about is the D-Link Pan & Tilt Day/Night Network Cameras.

D-Link Pan & Tilt Day/Night Network Camera

With this state of the art security camera you can monitor nearly anything you want. The large Pan & Tilt will rotate almost any direction, and with up to a 4x digital zoom, zero light vision up to 8 meters (26 feet), and a wireless connectivity that is Wi-Fi protected you can place it in even the most obscure places, even in the dark.  They are made with a built-in microphone that will pick up clear sound within 5 meters (16.4 feet). Built with infrared LED’s for enhanced night vision, you can put this bad boy in plain sight or hide it. It is the type of device that might just deter intruders or someone from doing something that they shouldn’t on sight alone. On top of all that, they are motion detected so you wont have search though hours of footage.


One of the coolest things about these cameras is that they are smart phone accessible.  Meaning that you can download an app on your smart phone (both Androids and on Apple products), that will allow you to tap into the feed that the camera is on.  You can even use your phone itself from a remote location to move the camera back and forth on the mount, change the positioning of the camera and even zoom in.  You can also download an app on your laptops or desktops that will allow you to do all of this as well.


I’d love to tell you all about my experience with the HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera but guess what. The same a-hole that stole my computer stole the camera before I had a chance to install it. Talk about irony. I think this video helps give you an inside peek at the possibilities of this camera; it really seems great.

D-Link has a great line of several different cameras, some larger and more advanced than what I have described, while others are more simple and less permanent.  All in all I think its a great idea to have cameras installed, especially when you can check out the feed from your phone.  You never know what is going to happen, and it’s always best to have whatever does happen on camera. You can order D-Link security/surveillance cameras from the D-Link website.  They range in price from around $55 for the smaller, simpler cameras, up to $600 for a complex and powerful machine.