Activz Product Review

Okay, I have a friend who has an extremely picky appetite; possibly worse than my own. He likes meat, potatoes, pasta, and rice; things like that. He doesn’t eat any vegetables to speak of. The nurturing side of me feels the need to serve balanced meals and he makes it quite difficult. Do you have the same issues in your home?

There seems to  be a lot of people nowadays that don’t like veggies. Something that comes with not liking veggies is your body not getting the nutrients it needs. Vitamins and nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C, D12, Calcium, and Iron. Well now there is Vitamin D dietary supplement, and its counterpart the Organic mixed veggie powder from Activz (sent to us for editorial consideration).


The Vitamin D isn’t much to explain. It is a dietary supplement to be taken 1 time daily, (you should check with your doctor before taking any OTC products), that will boost your immune system and help with digestion. The big thing is the Organic Mixed  veggie powder. A mixture of all organic, non-GMO Kale, Spinach and Carrot powder.


Make a morning smoothie with the veggie powder and take a Vitamin D capsule and you will be on your way to living healthier. All of these nutrients contribute to giving you energy and promoting healthy brain function. You can even use the veggie powder in soups and as a thickening agent for stews and sauces. 1 tablespoon equals 1/2 of a cup of fresh vegetables. That is over 200% of your recommended vitamin intake.

The veggie powder smells AMAZING too, like fresh vegetables right from the garden.

I really like these healthy supplements. I’m having my friend come over tonight and we are gonna have some vegetable beef stew complete with vegetables and he won’t even know. He’s gonna love it and I’m not gonna tell him until he’s done eating. I wonder how he’s going to take the news that he’s eating his veggies and loving it?!


Activs offers a wide array of whole-food nutrition products. Be sure to visit the Activs website to see everything they have to offer. You can also connect with them on the following channels:

Swanson Health Products Review & Giveaway

Finding a one stop place for all things natural and good for you is a feat in itself sometimes. The good news is its possible as I found this out when I was introduced to Swanson Health. We were given a store credit to shop and check out just how much Swanson Health has to offer. The entire shopping process was incredible. The website is very easy to navigate and the product selection is abundant. We were able to find everything from cooking oils to probiotics and so much in between.

swanson (2)Finding a source for all of your organic needs is great; especially when their prices are as affordable as Swanson Health’s. We got everything above, plus Swanson Probiotics ProBiotic-4 for under $50. There is standard $4.99 shipping, which is fantastic, on top of the 365 Day Risk-Free Purchase Guarantee.

Vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B6 are just a few that you can find over at Swanson Health. You will also find organic herbs and spices like Oregano, Basil, Garlic, etc… It really is a source for all of your organic needs and I love that. Instead of paying for shipping at multiple stores or wasting gas driving around trying to find a store that sells everything you have Swanson Health. You never have to leave your home to find high quality organic products.

On top of the already low prices on organic goods, Swanson Health has even more great ways for you to save. There is the daily deals section which lets you save 50% or more on vitamins and the Overstock section where you can save up to 75%. I can’t even begin to list all of the incredible products available so you’ll have to head over to and see for yourself.

Before you go though be sure to enter our giveaway where you could win a $50 gift certificate for one giveaway winner! That’s right, it’s time for you to stock up with amazing products from an amazing company! Just use the form below to enter and good luck! After you’ve entered you should head over to the Swanson Health website and do some shopping.

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Getting on Track with Suzanne Somers

There are 2 fitness spokes people I remember from growing up. One is still Sweatin’ to the Oldies I think while the other is as gorgeous as when I watched her on Step by Step and Three’s Company. Suzanne Somers is an ageless beauty who manages to keep up her appearance with hard work, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Who better to model your routine after than someone who has proven what putting forth effort can achieve.

Did you know Suzanne Somers has her own product line? Of course you’ve heard of the AbMaster but there’s so much more! Take a look at the items we chose to tell you about. We were provided a gift card in order to purchase the products on the site. This allowed us to have the same experience as everyone else which is a fantastic one I might add! The Suzanne Somers website is very easy to navigate and nicely organized. We had a blast looking through everything before we decided what we thought you would love!

There were several lotions, soaps and creams that stood out so we found the  FREE Quilted Weekender Bag with SUZANNE Organics 6 Piece Ultimate Body Care Kit. It was perfect and the bag is awesome, but more on that in a bit.

Now back to the goodies that came with the FREE Quilted Weekender Bag.

SUZANNE Organics

SUZANNE Organics Nourishing Body Lotion Wild Orange Vanilla – 8 ounces of intoxicating lotion that rejuvenates, hydrates and protects your skin throughout the day. Key features include:

  • Helps repair damage from dryness, stress and sun exposure.
  • Natural ingredients reduce the appearance of aging
  • Non-greasy formula may be used all over the body

The smell is delicious and I love that it absorbs perfectly without leaving a greasy residue behind. My skin feels amazingly hydrated using this lotion which is important especially for winter.

SUZANNE Organics Body Butter – Peppermint Creme Scented  – Protect and nurture skin with this antioxidant rich moisturizer. Key features include:

This luxurious body butter protects and nurtures your skin with abundant antioxidants and rich moisturizers.

  • Contains skin-healing superfoods such as Coconut Oil, Cupuacu and Shea Butter.
  • Helps fortify skin’s delicate moisture barrier.
  • Can be used as a hand cream and foot cream as well.
  • Non-GMO

SUZANNE Organics Body Butter

SUZANNE Organics Acai Exfoliating Body Polish – Key features include:

With natural fruit acid complex, crushed acai berries, and jojoba beads, this exfoliating polish stimulates cell renewal to reveal smooth, supple skin.

  • Removes dead surface cells from your entire body.
  • Great for getting rid of rough patches on dry elbows and knees.

SUZANNE Organics Healthy Glow Body Lotion – Key features include:

This soothing, moisturizing lotion includes natural tanning agents to extend your tan or provide a light tan year round.

  • Created for the most sensitive skin, this mild nourishing lotion is ideal for face and body.
  • Body lotion with a gentle tan.
  • Can be used on the face to provide gentle color.
  • Ideal for all skin types.
  • More than natural, more than organic, 100% ToxicFree – no synthetic fragrances, animal testing or chemical emulsifiers.

SUZANNE Organics Golden Tanning Serum (4 oz) – Key features include:

  • Nurtures and hydrates your skin while giving you a healthy, gorgeous tan.
  • Odorless, non-streaking formula.
  • Won’t stain fabrics.
  • Sugar peptides support healthy bronze colored tan, with or without sunlight.

SUZANNE Organics Wild Orange Vanilla Body Wash – Key features include:

Invigorate the senses with the intoxicating scent of Wild Orange Vanilla in this luxurious body wash.

  • Formulated without the typical harsh sudsing agents.
  • Powerful antioxidants in white tea.
  • Perfect for the whole family, including babies.

Something else that you can get from the Suzanne Somers website is the EZ Gym. Now, this is THE thing to get if you’re looking for a compact way to get in shape. It can be wall mounted or placed over a door. We tried it both ways but apparently didn’t find a stud in the wall so it kind of fell on Grace’s head. If you go the wall mount way be sure to find a stud for safety purposes!EZ GYM Video

EZ Gym

The EZ Gym comes with everything you need for a total body workout. The resistance bands can be adjusted so that you’re getting just the right amount of weight. It’s definitely a great item to have.  It even comes with an instructional DVD and bag to carry everything.

EZ Gym Setup

Grace was loving playing around with the different resistances and the video showed her everything she needed to get started.EZ GYM in actionIt may go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyways. The EZ Gym and the Suzanne Somers line is fabulous. The prices are a little up there but well worth it for what you are getting. Be sure to check out the Suzanne Somers website and pay attention to the Sale section. You’ll surely find something amazing, like I found this beautiful cake plate and server on there. I fell in love instantly and the quality of it is great.

Suzanne Somers

 Be sure to connect with Suzanne Somers on social media as well: