Simple Steps to Heal Damaged Hair

Simple Steps to Heal Damaged Hair

Hair Repair for damaged hair

I can’t count the number of times I have dyed or bleached my hair. It started in my early teens and has continued since. When I started dying my hair I didn’t realize there would be consequences like split ends and damaged hair. At one point you could squeeze my hair and hear a loud crunch like you were squeezing a handful of hay. That’s so not sexy.

That’s so not sexy.

I still dye my hair, just not as often and I’m super selective about what types of dye I use. Thanks to some tricks I’ve picked up along the way, my hair has regained most of its healthy attributes.

If you are looking for help repairing your damaged hair then read on. I’m going to share what has worked best for me. If you have a suggestion please leave a comment below.


John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron Review

John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron Review

Have you ever thought your hair had a mind of its own? I have been saying that for years about my own temperamental hair. Some days it cooperates but other days it gives me a major fuss. One day I will have gorgeous natural waves, another day it will be stick straight. There are some mornings I wake up with defined curls and other mornings it’s just a giant frizz ball.

I’m not a huge fan of ponytails so they are my last resort on a ‘complicated’ hair day. Instead I like to have an arsenal of tools at my disposal. I was recently given the chance to add a new hair tool to this arsenal (provided for review purposes) and there are so many reasons to keep it close by. The tool? The John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron. Here’s the skinny on my new best friend.

John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron Review

Product Overview

The John Frieda JFC8 Tight Curls Curling Iron provides ultra-high heat levels and it only takes 30 seconds to heat up. With LED temperature settings up to 400 Degrees F (205 Degrees C), you can produce hairstyles of any kind quickly and easily. It includes a protective heat mat for safe storage and an auto-off feature in case the iron is left on. And with a convenient swivel power cord you don’t have to worry about a tangled mess.


  • Superior Ionic Anti-Frizz Conditioning
  • Ceramic Titanium Coated Barrel
  • True Ceramic Heater
  • LCD Temperature Control
  • Heats up to 400 Degrees F (205 Degrees C)
  • 30 Second Instant Heat
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Swivel Cord
  • Heat Mat Included

My Thoughts

The first thing that drew me in with the Tight Curls Curling Iron was the 30 second instant heat feature. When you’re on a schedule you don’t have time to waste, that includes waiting minutes for your curling iron to heat up. 30 seconds to tight curls may seem unheard of but I promise you it’s possible!John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron Review

11 heat settings may seem like overkill to some, maybe even overwhelming. You don’t need to use all of the settings but I do recommend trying them out to see which works best for your hair. When I’m in a hurry I set it to 400°F, but when I have some spare time I keep it at 250°F.

The Ionic Conditioning and True Ceramic Technology leaves you with a tight, shiny, frizz-free curl. My hair actually feels and looks healthier after I curl it.

The Verdict

I love it. I think every woman should own this. It is the best curling iron I have ever used. Even if tight curls aren’t your thing it’s great; you can always brush them out for a wavy, still just as shiny and healthy looking, style. Regardless of how you use it, whether you’re a curling pro or just starting you’ll have a professional looking style without the professional price tag.

For $25.00 (and free shipping with a Prime membership) you could be on your way to gorgeous hair. The John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron is a definite winner.

V05 is 60! Celebrate with a Giveaway

In 1955 Culver City, creator Alberto, developed VO5 hair conditioning treatment to keep Hollywood starlets’ hair looking healthy and beautiful under the bright Hollywood lights, as depicted here in this vintage TV commercial.



Since then, the brand has created a number of other innovative products using its five essential vitamins including their original Hot Oil treatment to the new Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil.

To commemorate 60 years of innovation, the brand announced its petition to get the brand a star on Hollywood Boulevard. In order to get Alberto VO5 the much deserved star on Hollywood Boulevard, VO5 is calling fans to sign a virtual petition on its Facebook page.

*When you sign the petition you are also able to select to be sent coupons, promotions, and more!

All signatures via the drive will be compiled throughout 2015 and will be presented to the Walk of Fame organizers. You’re encouraged to show your support and spread the word about the drive by using #VO5is60.




V05 has been a brand my family has used as long as I can remember. My grandmother and mom swear by it so of course I was ecstatic at the chance to try out these yummy products (products were provided by V05). I love that they have kept up with their quality over the years. I’m even happier that they have come out with the new Beauty Oil; I just can’t get enough of this stuff!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the shampoo and conditioner (although the smell could be a little more prominent). I love the Hot Oil Therapy – it does amazing things for my hair. But the Beauty Oil – that is something I’ve been waiting for! It is usable on skin and hair which makes it a multi-purpose product. You all know how much I love those!

The oil leaves my hair shiny but not greasy and my skin absorbs it and is touchably soft all day. I’ve used the beauty oil on my face a couple times and there were no breakout but I’m still cautious about what I use on my face. It’s perfect for after shower moisturizing, which is what I use it for mainly.

VO5 50's Ad


You can find V05 nearly everywhere hair care products are sold. I’m also giving away the following products to one lucky (US) winner:

  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Shampoo
  • Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Conditioner
  • Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil


Salon Quality Hair at Home with Peter Coppola

Leaving the salon with a fresh trim and blow out is one of the best feelings ever for me, what about you? The only problem is after a couple of days it’s back to the ho-hum hair I went in with. Well, that’s how it was but now I get to bring the salon home! I received the products below for inspiration!

Peter Coppola Travel Kit


What was once available only to stylists is now available to us common folk. Peter Coppola has just launched their first consumer product line. There are several goodies in the line and they’re available for men & women. I got to try several of these out and my hair is loving them.

TOTAL REPAIR SULFATE-FREE SMOOTHING SHAMPOOThe deeply moisturizing formula weightlessly strengthens, smooths and restores lackluster locks with a unique blend of Keratin and Ceramides.

TOTAL REPAIR SMOOTHING CONDITIONERWith just one application, Total Repair Smoothing Conditioner rehydrates and restores damaged follicles while providing an overall moisturizing experience to quickly and effectively smooth frizz.

While the shampoo left my hair remarkably clean it did take a little more than I normally use to get an all over lather. The conditioner is simply amazing; after just the first time using it my hair was so soft I couldn’t help but touch it over and over. Neither has a prominent smell but they work great.

JUST BLOW – BLOW OUT SPRAYEnjoy smooth, hydrated hair in less time with our Just Blow Leave-in Blow Out Spray. The heat activated formula provides serious frizz-fighting properties and the finish of a keratin treatment with just a few sprays.

This was one of my two favorite products. There’s not much that compares to a salon blow out but this comes extremely close. If I was more handy with a brush and hair dryer it would have been perfect. It wasn’t like using hairspray; my hair was still soft and flexible after using the blow out spray.

INFUSION ANTI-FRIZZ CREAMInfusion Anti-Frizz Cream keeps curls under control and cuts blow dry time while creating a barrier to block humidity for hair that is sleek and smooth until your next shampoo.

This was my absolute favorite; the smell was great and the way my frizz disappeared was shocking. I live in a very humid area and have basically destroyed my hair over the year which leads to the poofy, flyaway tresses. The Infusion Anti-Frizz Cream takes the frizz away and leaves my hair silky, shiny, and manageable.

STEEL MEDIUM HOLD & CONTROL HAIRSPRAY – A fast drying, flexible fixative with exceptional hold. Humidity resistant and easy to brush through leaving no sticky residue, flaking or build-up. Helps tame unwanted frizz while providing shine and all day hold.

They had me at humidity resistant with the Steel Medium Hold & Control Hairspray. Normally I have a sticky mess in my hair when I use hairspray, but I haven’t noticed anything near that since using this.  I’m also loving the no lasting residue; you know those flakes of dried hairspray that looks like terrible dandruff? Yea, there’s none of that here!

Peter Coppola

I’m stoked to have had the chance to try these products from Peter Coppola. My hair is especially thankful even on the days I don’t do anything with it. I can definitely see the healthiness coming back which means I’m going to continue using this line for a long time. I can’t wait to try out some of the other products and see how my hair reacts.

If you’re ready to take your hair to the next level then check out the Peter Coppola website to see what suits your hair needs best. Connect with Peter Coppola for the latest hair styles, trends, and brags.

Peter Coppola Hair Care

If you have any trips coming up you’ll definitely want to pack the Peter Coppola travel set!

More Peter Coppola Products You Can Buy From Home

COLOR CONTROL CONDITIONERThe intensely-hydrating and ultra-light formula in the Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Color Control Conditioner provides serious damage protection and repair and leaves color-treated locks super shiny and style-ready.

BLONDEST COLOR COMMAND SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO with Azulene – Strengthens and revitalizes over-processed or bleached hair. Our gentle yet effective formula neutralizes brassiness and improves yellow tones in blonde and silver hair.

BLONDEST COLOR COMMAND CONDITIONER with AzuleneThis ultra-rich, hydrating conditioner mends dry, over-processed hair by delivering necessary moisture with a reviving blend of Keratin protein, Ceramides and rich emollients.

BLONDEST COLOR COMMAND HAIR MASK with Azulene – Bathe dry strands in this luxurious treatment to restore moisture and brighten color.

BLONDEST COLOR COMMAND HIGH-DEFINITION GLOSS with AzuleneIs your color causing dryness and frizz? This High Definition Gloss with Azulene helps seal split ends, smooth flyaways, protects hair color, extending silkiness and shine.

FULL VOLUME STYLING CREAMThis heat-activated volume-booster, thickens strands while retaining moisture for hair that is healthy, hydrated and absolutely head-turning.

ARGAN OIL – An ultra-luxurious, fast-absorbing, highly moisturizing, non-greasy, healing oil – seals in hydration and combats frizz.

MUD – TEXTURIZING CREAMDefine your style with our lightweight, multi-functional Texturizing Cream. Create messy looks, tame frizz or add volume with our enhanced formula.

TITANIUM FIRM HOLD & CONTROL HAIRSPRAYA firm hold styling spray that leaves no sticky residue, flaking or build-up. It is humidity resistant and helps tame unwanted frizz while providing shine with a 24-hour extra control hold.

TOTAL REPAIR SMOOTHING HAIR MASKThe super-saturating, strengthening formula steeps heat-fatigued hair in a restorative solution for immediately smooth and lustrous locks.

COLOR CONTROL SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOOPeter Coppola Keratin Concept Color Control Sulfate-Free Shampoo protects and cleanses strands for just-stepped-out-of-the-salon vivid hues, while taming frizz and deeply moisturizing dehydrated hair.