Thirsty Thursdays: Chocolate Covered Cherry Shot #Recipe

New feature, new feature!!

Trying something new here on Simple Beautiful Life; Thirsty Thursdays. Every Thursday from here on out we’ll be posting a new drink recipe or idea. Don’t worry – they won’t all have alcohol!

To kick things off I thought my chocolate covered cherry shot would be a  good start. It’s a simple concoction with only 2 ingredients: Chocolate liqueur and Grenadine. I prefer to use Godiva Liqueur but opted for the off-brand label instead. It’s a lot cheaper and as delicious as these are you’re gonna go through it quick.

The shot glasses I’m using are from Walmart; I got 4 of them for like a dollar – great investment.

Brain Hemorrhage or Chocolate Covered Cherry

An important note: When using anything that coagulates (milk or cream based liqueurs)  you usually want to add them last. Grenadine contains citric acid which curdles cream based liquids.  On the other hand, you could easily swap the directions for the chocolate covered cherry and go for a brain hemorrhage. I’ll show you both.

Brain Hemorrhage or Chocolate Covered Cherry

They taste pretty much the same there is just a different texture. 

For either of these shots trial and error may be involved to get them just right. Don’t worry, though, you’ll have a blast trying each one until you get them perfect – wink, wink.

Chocolate Covered Cherry ShotSo, the first thing to do for the chocolate covered cherry shot is pour the chocolate liqueur. I fill it around 1/4 full but you could do 1/3 or even 1/2. I don’t suggest going more than 1/2 for obvious reasons but hey, you’re drinking it!

Tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle and pour on the grenadine. Watch as it sinks and the chocolate “encapsulates” the grenadine leaving the illusion of a cherry!

To do a brain hemorrhage do the opposite. Pour the grenadine in first and then the chocolate liqueur. This coagulates the liqueur and makes it a little clumpy. Both are delicious, simple and the latter makes for a great Halloween shot! They taste just like a chocolate covered cherry!

Brain Hemorrhage