How to Find the Perfect Gift for the Ungiftable

So, you know how there’s always that ONE person in your life that you can NEVER seem to pick the right gift for? Trust me when I say I understand! I have a few friends like that and luckily one of them happens to be a car lover! Yay.

Hopefully one of your friends who is impossible to shop for has a thing for cars too because then you’d be in luck! I came up with a few gift ideas for Toyota drivers, and other car lovers that I’d love for you to check out.

How to Find the Perfect Gift for the Ungiftable

The list has some pretty interesting gift ideas, but it is in no way all inclusive. If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t happen to be a car lover then here are some ways to pick the perfect gift for them.

Snoop through their home. Don’t go digging through drawers or medicine cabinets, but do take note of any collectibles. Do they have more of one type of item?

Listen to their complaints. This can be a great way to find out what they really want or need. Mike is always complaining about his butt hurting after sitting in his computer chair for extended amounts of time. I decided to buy him a chair cushion on Amazon and he loves it!

Ask them. The best way to find out what someone wants is to ask them. If you want to be nonchalant about it you can try taking them to the mall and taking note of which stores they visit and what they are looking at while they’re there.

Ask their family. Families tend to have a sixth sense about each other. If all else fails call mom/dad/grandma etc.. to see what your ungiftable friend wants. This is also a great way to find a gift that is bursting with nostalgia!

2015 Valentines Day Gift Guide

February 14th. Valentine’s Day. It is the day to create and celebrate romance and show the people you love how much you care. This year if you are stuck for gift ideas we are here to help. We’ve put together a Valentine’s day Gift Guide with several great gift ideas for him and her. We received several items for editorial consideration, and these are our favorites.


First up we have a beautiful Freshwater Pearl Necklace from Avalon Pearls. “One hundred inches of continuous off round, lavender freshwater pearls, baroque in shape. Wear this necklace however you like as the possibilities are unlimited.” For a limited time you’ll get a free pair of earrings with your purchase!

For me nothing says “I love you babe” like ice cream. Ice cream says so many great things to me though… Graeter’s is a mail order ice cream shop offering several mouth-watering flavors and next day delivery. You have to check out their flavors and varieties because ice cream doesn’t get much better than Graeter’s!

Helen Ficalora’s Heart Cut-out Charm is gorgeous, flattering for all skin tones, and suitable for any gift recipient. There are tons of other Valentine’s Day gift options on the Helen Ficalora website so be sure to see everything they have to offer.

We can’t forget the pets on Valentine’s Day! The Lakeside Collection offers a variety of pet gifts to show our four-legged friends just how much they mean to us. Pet beds, baking kits, lounge pillows and more are what you can expect to find on the Lakeside Collection’s website.

Mama always said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Years of experience have taught me this is true. Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds and Snack Rounds are a perfect (and healthy) option for a romantic V-Day breakfast or snack.

Finally we have the gift that gives all year ’round. The Dyson Hot+Cool. With its sleek design and powerful output you can cuddle up and stay warm this Valentine’s Day and cool off once the warm weather starts to return. Plus, it’s a Dyson – need I say more?

12 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Shopping for a significant other can be tough – especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it is easier (and more appreciated) to create something instead of trying to buy the perfect gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts… right?

I pooled my friends about what their preferred gift for Valentine’s Day would be and the majority said they would prefer something handmade. I think this answer sums it up nicely:

Hand made! There’s more sentiment behind it they went out of their way to make you something using everything they know about you.

Of course there is no rule or law saying you have to make a gift, you can more than happily purchase a Valentine’s Day gift. In fact we have some great ideas for those gifts in our Valentine’s Day gift guide! For those of you that would like to create something but need some inspiration I have gathered these 12 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts basically anyone can make.

12 DIY  Valentine's Day Gifts for 2015

 12 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

I’m a sucker for frames to show off my favorite memories and a lot of women (and some men) are the same way. This DIY Chalkboard Frame from Crafts by Courtney is so sweet, especially with a personal message stenciled on.

Simply Stacie has a fun way to show your favorite picture off with a DIY Valentine’s Day frame.

Crazy About My Baybah created something no woman can turn down – heart shaped bath bombs. They seem easy enough to make and sound like a great gift for one, or maybe two if you’re lucky.

Maybe it’s just me but I find snow globes extremely romantic. This sweet Valentine’s Day snow globe from Whipper Berry is perfect.

Back to the bathroom goodies, Sugar and Cloth has a recipe for a DIY Love Potion Bath Set. Another great DIY gift for 2?!

A Bubbly Life has a DIY gift even the manliest man can make – Wooden Coasters!

If you want to pick up flowers you can throw a personal touch in with this DIY Sweetheart Vase from The Pretty Bee

StudioDIY suggests filling this heart shaped pinata with candy. I say take it a step further if you must buy a gift (especially jewelry) and add a little extra surprise inside.

Pillows are another gift I could never turn away. These upcycled (from old sweaters) pillows made by Organized 31 are so creative and a great way to keep the favorite sweaters around a little while longer.

One thing that is even harder to resist than bath goodies or pillows is money. What better way to give the gift of cash than with origami? Check out these Dollar Hearts Muslin and Merlot.

If (s)he’s a pro in the kitchen, or even just has a few favorite recipes, framing them is a great way to show you care. These easy Framed Recipe Cards from Home Cooking Memories would make an excellent gift.

You can really go all out and make several or all of these gifts and create a gift basket. You’ll get brownie points for years to come.



2014 Fashionista Gift Guide



Zumba Apparel – Get fit while staying fashionable with Zumba apparel. Comfort and style are just around the corner. Read more about it here and buy it here.

Covered Perfectly Tops – Fashionably modest is possible and fun with tops from Perfectly Covered. The shirt stays in place even when you don’t. Read more about it here and buy it here.

Anatomie Clothes for Travel – Travelling comfortably doesn’t have to leave you feeling frumpy. Travel in style with clothing from Anatomie. Read more about it here and buy it here.

Sandgrens Boots – Authentic wooden clogs with quality and style in mind. A pair of Sandgrens boot will put a smile on the face of any fashionista. Read more about it here and buy it here.

Therafit Sneakers – Running, jogging, or walking, Therafit has a shoe fit for every active lifestyle. Give the gift of comfort when you choose Therafit as a gift for someone special. Read more about it here and buy it here.

Dije California Boots – Hip, fun, and trendy – Dije California Boots are out of this world amazing. I suggest the Mammoth Boots for a great gift. Read more about it here and buy it here.



Dije California Mammoth Boots Review + #Giveaway

Have you ever stuck your foot inside of a shoe and BAM it’s love? That is exactly what happened when I first put my foot in my new Dije Sheepskin Boots ( I got them for the gift guide and a review, this didn’t influence my opinion). I wear these barefoot and will probably never wear socks with these boots. They feel that good. It’s almost like a pair of fuzzy slippers except you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet or sweaty.

Dije California Mammoth Boots Review

Since I absolutely love them I want to tell you a little more about Dije and their boots. First of all the company wasn’t always called Dije. They are formally known as Lamo (as of Spring 2015). The company was founded in 1995 and have been making fine sheepskin slippers and boots ever since.

Okay, back to the boots! These are the Mammoth boots from Dije; in Chestnut. I have a ton of black boots but none in the tan family so that just adds icing to the cake.  They are made with a suede leather upper body and seven inches of an expose fur cuff. The inside that I’m so crazy for is an Australian merino wool lining.Dije Mammoth Boots

The outer sole of the boots has plenty of traction and flexibility so walking in them is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Dije California Mammoth Boots Review (1)

The mammoth boot is great with straight legged and skinny jeans. Tights and skirts. They are the perfect boot to wear when you want to hike or do any outside activity while staying fashionable. There is a zipper on the inside outer wall as well as laces. This makes for an extremely secure fit.

The only thing I did not like about these boots was the gargantuan size. Then again me having a size 10 foot isn’t really their fault!I feel kind of like the rugged style causes the boot to seem larger than it actually is. Not to mention it might run 1/2 a size large so when  you’re ordering I’d suggest going down 1/2 a size to 1 full size. I have plenty of wiggle room in mine.Dije California Mammoth Boots Review (2)

Where to Get Them

When you’re ready to choose your new boots you can find Dije footwear online here. You can even find Dije California on Amazon.You could also win a pair of the Mammoth boots by entering our giveaway! Good luck and be sure to tell me what you think of the boots. Dije California Mammoth

Dije California Mammoth Boots