FHE Apple Green Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman Review + Giveaway

Untitled1One of my least favorite things about my home is my furniture. Primarily because it was picked out by my ex just months before he left me (after 8 years.) I’m looking forward to the day where I get new furniture and can burn this. Until that time comes I’m stuck and have to find ways to work around it.

There is absolutely nothing attractive about my furniture. It’s black fabric on faux leather. It’s dark and drab and brings the rooms ambiance down. I was definitely in need of something to brighten the room and that’s what I got with the Apple Green Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman from FHE.

apple green storage ottoman

The package that the ottoman arrived in was thin so I was not sure what to expect. When I opened the box I saw a flat gift box like structure. I was a little worried.

apple green storage ottoman

The packaging claimed that the foldable storage ottoman assembled in 3 easy steps but I was expecting more of a hassle. Thankfully I was wrong and setting up the ottoman was pretty simple. We only had an issue when trying to determine which end the insert went into.

I think we got it right.

I was very pleased with the color coordination of the apple green storage ottoman and my current furniture. Apple green and black go very well together and the ottoman actually helps brighten the room.

FHE Apple Green Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman

Aside from the aesthetics (the fabric color is very bright and vibrant) the ottoman is actually very sturdy. I’ve sat on it and felt no give or any sign of buckling. I’m not a small person so that is a big feat.

What sets this apart from other ottomans is its storage capability. It folds up quickly – just remove the insert and collapse it. It’s thin enough when folded to fit under my furniture or even in a suitcase. I think this would be a great alternative to lawn chairs when you’re travelling with limited space.

FHE Apple Green Microsuede Folding Ottoman

I would highly recommend this ottoman. I’m pleased with it and if you have limited space and need a little extra storage this is a great solution. It can easily hold books, magazines, odds & ends etc.. which makes it perfect for last minute clean ups. You know, like when your parents call to tell you they’re in town and stopping by in 3 minutes. We all know how moms can nitpick at every imperfection and having clutter around just gives her fuel for the fire. This ottoman is great for keeping the nagging at a minimum!

FHE Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman

For the price tag ($29.99), these folding storage ottoman’s a great value. They’re made with quality, serve multiple purposes (comfort, seating and storage) and come in a variety of colors.

You can get this folding storage ottoman on Amazon and be sure to check out all of the other products from FHE. You can find a list of all participating FHE retailers here.

One of you will also be getting your own Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman from FHE! Just enter to win using the form below.

If the giveaway form is not loading, you can find a working version here: https://gleam.io/qz6e8/microsuede-folding-storage-ottoman-from-fhe

Microsuede Folding Storage Ottoman from FHE

Linen Spa 12” Plush Mattress by Lucid Review

UntitledSo when I told you about my new Highrise™ Folding Bed Frame I didn’t go into detail about the new Linen Spa 12″ Plush Mattress by Lucid  1 word could describe it perfectly – heaven. 12 inches of body hugging heaven. It’s probably my favorite bedding upgrade.

When the 12″ Plush Mattress by Lucid arrived I was eager to watch it expand from it’s limp state to the full, plush mattress I have today. It took about 24 hours to fully expand and once it did I was ready to try it out.Linen Spa 12” Plush Mattress

I was a little skeptical when I first laid on the mattress. It wasn’t one of those “love at first touch” moments for me. It was actually a little uncomfortable. I gave it a few minutes and while my body was adjusting to the 12″ Plush Mattress by Lucid I noticed how different it was from any of my old mattresses. It was firm but not so firm it was uncomfortable. The longer I laid there the more comfortable it got.


After about a week of sleeping on the 12” Plush Mattress by Lucid I started wondering where it had been my whole life. My back wasn’t aching like it normally was and I wasn’t waking myself up tossing and turning. If I did roll over it was completely silent unlike my previous mattress. You know those mattresses that crinkle when you move? Yea that’s what I was sleeping on. I don’t miss it in the slightest and can’t imagine sleeping on anything but a Memory Foam Mattress from now on.


The mattress fits perfectly on the Highrise™ Folding Bed Frame. Together they make sleeping something I look forward to rather than dread. I can highly recommend the Linen Spa 12” Plush Mattress to anyone looking for a better nights sleep. The difference it has made for me is beyond amazing.

Be sure to check out the insane sale happening now over at Linen Spa. They currently have 1500 overstock items in the warehouse that need to sell ASAP.  They knocked the prices down to around cost to move them quick.  At these prices they definitely won’t be around too long, check them out!