Frieling Black Cube Fry Pan Review

Frieling Black Cube Fry Pan Review

I wish I had a dollar for every non-stick frying pan that has disappointed me. Between washing them the wrong way, using the wrong utensils, and overuse I have gone through more than a few. I love the concept but my luck with them really stinks.

My luck seems to be changing and I think I have met a non-stick frying pan that can stand up to my cooking habits. I received the 8″ Frieling Black Cube Fry Pan to review and I’m legit impressed.

Frieling Black Cube Fry Pan

Right out of the gate this pan has two things going for it:

  1. It is non-stick. Meaning food won’t be ruined and pulled apart and cleanup is a breeze.
  2. It is stainless steel. Meaning it’s going to last longer and not leave food tasting like a tin can. There is an aluminum layer sandwiched between the stainless steel. This helps improve heat transfer and deliverance of evenly cooked foods.

Then there are the other features that secure this pans spot in the kitchen.

Fry Pan Buckeye

  • Brown foods without sticking. I used to think that food wasn’t browning unless it was sticking to the bottom of the pan. I believed that it was part of the process, boy was I wrong!
  • 100% Scratch resistant. Frieling even suggests using metal utensils with their Black Cube frying pans! That’s one offer I won’t refuse! I’ve actively tried scratching the pan (bad Amber, I know) and it just isn’t happening.
  • Made for all cooktops. Yes, even induction cooktops, take this pan camping or anywhere else there’s a kitchen or open flame.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle. Forget carpal tunnel all you wrist flippers!
  • Combination coating. The honeycomb pattern of stainless steel dots is my favorite feature. Not only does it look cool, but it is a big part of why your food isn’t sticking.

I use this frying pan exclusively for any grilled cheese or toast and egg type of meal. It makes my buckeyes perfectly golden and well done. No burning, no sticking, no mess.

This is me approving!
Frieling Black Cube Fy Pan Eggs

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