Celebrating Summer Americana Style with #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

Celebrating Summer Americana Style with #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

Can you feel it? The warm air, the birds chirping, the water getting right…. it’s beginning to feel a lot like Summer! I’m so ready for it too after the extended winter we had. How long did winter last for you? I was so happy when  I could start leaving my windows open at night. It definitely called for a celebration and some Summer treats to complete this #CollectiveBias shop.

I haven’t been able to do much outdoorsy stuff since moving into my new apartment and that’s such a shame considering I have an amazing deck. It screams “Hang out on me!” and everyone in the neighborhood has been asking when they can come hang out on it. That happened this weekend finally.

SummerGoodies-CollectiveBias-shopI’m a sucker for a themed get together and I didn’t need to think too hard to figure out the theme for this one. Summer! I did want to give it an Americana feel so I opted for red, white and blue decor. I wanted to keep it simple and definitely didn’t want to spend all day in the kitchen so I headed to Walmart to pick up some goodies. I came away with Stouffer’s Garlic Chicken Skillets (quick and delicious), Wonka Peel-A-Pop Frozen Dessert Treats (Vanilla Banana) and Edy’s OUTSHINE® Fruit and Veggie Bars (peach mango medley).

Celebrating Summer Americana Style with #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

Nothing says Americana Summer like chicken and frozen treats!

These were such a great way to enjoy time with friends without the long prep work. Everything was Freshly Made, Simply Frozen and oh so good! The frozen fruit bars were the perfect Summer treats while the Stouffer’s Skillets offer quick meal solutions without oven prep. After all, who wants to spend their summer in the kitchen next to a hot oven?!Celebrating Summer Americana Style with #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias
Instead of cooking the Stouffer’s Garlic Chicken Skillets on the stove top I opted to take it outside and do it in true Americana fashion. On the grill! This gave me time to engage my guests as well as enjoy the beautiful day.

Celebrating Summer Americana Style with #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBiasWhile we were waiting on the food to cook I was able to offer my guests a healthier snacking option with the Vanilla Banana Wonka Peel-A-Pop and Edy’s OUTSHINE® Fruit and Veggie Bars. Admittedly some were hesitant to try any frozen treat made with veggies but come one – Peach Mango! You  know they ate ’em up once they tried them.

WONKA™-Peel-A-Pop™And the Wonka Peel-A-Pop is just too cute. They actually taste like you’re eating a banana with the gummy banana flavored outside and the creamy vanilla inside. YUM!

Americana Bingo

You can’t have a gathering of any kind and not offer entertainment. For me, Bingo is about as American as it gets. I loved playing Bingo at the carnivals during the summer. I thought it would be fun to make my own Americana Bingo Cards and pass them out to my guests. We all enjoyed playing over and over so I am sharing the printable with you!

Just click on the image below and print. There are 8 Americana inspired images on the cards:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Apple Pie
  • Grill
  • Baseball
  • Ice Cream
  • Fried Chicken
  • George Washington

and then there is the free space. Have fun!

Americana BingoAll in all I’d say we had one heck of a time. I can’t wait until Summer finally rolls around and we can have more days like this.

What says Americana Summer to you? What do you think of Wonka Peel-A-Pop?